The first week of March 2022 looked at by the Guardian

Russia-Ukraine war latest news: 40-mile-long Russian army convoy nears Kyiv, satellite images show Convoy north of Ukraine capital has more doubled in length, images suggest; ICC prosecutor to open possible war crimes inquiry; Kharkiv civilians ‘massacred’, says mayor ‘We will never forgive Russia’ / ‘Horrendous’ rocket attack kills Kharkiv civilians UK business / British firmsContinue reading “The first week of March 2022 looked at by the Guardian”

Hillsong megachurch not keeping to rules of the government

The evangelical megachurch Hillsong has not been bothered by the imposed corona measures for some years now. In Australia, they once again brought thousands of churchgoers together for an event, despite the restrictions imposed on the public and entertainment sectors.

With omicron there are many alarming uncertainties but the biggest cumulative risk we are about to take is with the economy

Sherelle Jacobs of the Telegraph finds that we cannot go on living like this. Great-Britain, as a majority-vaccinated country, cannot go on suffering the permanent threat of lockdown restrictions, for fear the health service could be overwhelmed. She writes: We cannot go on being plunged into panic by pessimistic modelling that has consistently been provedContinue reading “With omicron there are many alarming uncertainties but the biggest cumulative risk we are about to take is with the economy”

Big retail coffee chain has to face its Starbucks Workers United

Employees of a Starbucks store in upstate New York who voted to unionize last month walked off the job Wednesday, saying they lacked the staff and resources to work safely amid surging COVID-19 cases.

Omicron could be blessing in disguise

The last few days fear has entered the parliamentarians’ meeting rooms, looking for stringent measures so that we could safely pass the end of year feasts.

Omicron possibly mildest coronavirus variant so far

The WHO and Coronavirus experts are increasingly convinced the new Omicron variant is ‘super mild’ and has, so far, not led to a jump in Covid death rates anywhere in Southern Africa.

How Johnson explains not announcing further Covid restrictions now

Here is the opening statement that Boris Johnson delivered at the start of his pooled TV interview after cabinet. It sums up his position, which is that he is not announcing further Covid restrictions now, but clearly warning that such measures may be coming shortly. He said: We’ve had a long discussion in cabinet forContinue reading “How Johnson explains not announcing further Covid restrictions now”

Monitoring the situation of the Coronavirus  “hour by hour”

Following a meeting of the cabinet, the British prime minister Boris Johnson said they were monitoring the situation of the Coronavirus  “hour by hour”. “Unfortunately I must say to people that we will have to reserve the possibility of taking further action to protect the public, to protect public health, to protect our NHS,” heContinue reading “Monitoring the situation of the Coronavirus  “hour by hour””

Ook in België zal omikron de deltavariant verdringen

Het aantal bevestigde besmettingen met het coronavirus in België is nu in 20 procent van de gevallen veroorzaakt door de nieuwe omikronvariant. Dat is een verdubbeling sinds vrijdag. Volgens viroloog Marc Van Ranst zal de variant aan dit tempo dominant zijn tussen kerst en nieuw.

Omicron variant probably the most significant threat since the start of the pandemic

The head of the UK Health Security Agency has called the Omicron variant “probably the most significant threat” since the start of the pandemic amid warnings over a coming surge in hospitalisations.

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