Global Headlines looked at the beginning of June 2022 by Bloomberg

3 June 2022 Gun plea | Biden called for a ban on sales of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, pleading with Congress to toughen laws following a spate of mass shootings. Still, he acknowledged that Congress is unlikely to restrict them, with Republican lawmakers, who can block the passage of bills in the Senate, vowingContinue reading “Global Headlines looked at the beginning of June 2022 by Bloomberg”

Stories to read in the week of 2022 May 12 – 18

In a world of polar opinions and partisan press, The Week threads together every side of the argument to give you a clear, 360° view of the news, so you get to know what the world’s thinking without ever feeling trapped in a media bubble.

The Week from 01-07 May 2022 according to The Week

Articles of interest presented by The Week, for 2022 May 1-7

Jesse Duplantis and Kenneth Copeland telling people to pay up if they want to see Jesus

Speaking at a recent four-day-long fundraising event for Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Duplantis claimed that Jesus has not returned because people aren’t generous enough with their donations to the church.

Online retail giant Amazon its first quarterly loss since 2015

Last year many online shops boosted. As online sales soared due to the pandemic, which kept shoppers at home more, the online retail giant Amazon made an $8.1 billion profit in the first quarter of the year 2021. For 2022 Amazon registered its first quarterly loss since 2015, losing $3.8 billion in the first quarter.Continue reading “Online retail giant Amazon its first quarterly loss since 2015”

2022 March 21-31 according to the Week

Looking at what happened in 2022 March 21-31 in review by The Week

Fight for decent wages and conditions for workers on the frontlines of the pandemic

The many overtime jobs and shortage of medical staff at far too low a wage is causing the medical staff to rebel.

The winter of discontent – Crisis? What Crisis? Which Crisis?

More than one crisis Britain is facing, whilst the prime minister is trying to take off attention from his stupidities and willingly or not realising he is taking the country deeper into a major crisis period.

Hillsong megachurch not keeping to rules of the government

The evangelical megachurch Hillsong has not been bothered by the imposed corona measures for some years now. In Australia, they once again brought thousands of churchgoers together for an event, despite the restrictions imposed on the public and entertainment sectors.

Hillsong megakerk houdt zich niet aan regels van de overheid

De evangelische megakerk Hillsong stoort zich al enkele jaren niet aan de opgelegde corona maatregelen. In Australië brachten zij weer eens duizenden kerkgangers tesamen voor een event, niettegenstaande de voor de burgers en entertainment sector opgelegde restricties.

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