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Church at home – Sunday Sofa Service

It looks like some church might have gathered lots of attention and popularity. Already before Corona the Christadelphians took care that people who could not leave the house, could follow the Sunday-service as well the Wednesday Bible class from home. For several people COVID-19 was the gentle push they needed to get themselves out ofContinue reading “Church at home – Sunday Sofa Service”

Christians are increasingly mixing and matching their faith in unexpected ways

Research from the first quarter of 2022 shows that in-person church attendance is only 36 to 60 % of what it was pre-COVID. One can wonder if church life is running to its end, or if people could find new ways to worship God.

Kids’ Worship versus Kids’ Liturgy

When churches don’t plan to have children present, they probably ought not be building a new building, but should consider why they would exclude children from their service.

2019 to 2021 Christendom’s fastest-growing strand

Could it well be, that in the Corona period the evangelising churches by media could enter more homes and could have become more successful? Some self-proclaimed prophets have been rolling out the pen or media systems. As such we could find very popular social influencers for God, like Flordelis dos Santos de Souza and herContinue reading “2019 to 2021 Christendom’s fastest-growing strand”

Less Americans interested in praying

Research shows that Americans are growing less religious and have lost interest in praying. Roughly one-third of U.S. adults (32%) now say they seldom or never pray, up from 18% who said this in 2007.