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There was a time when the very existence of a blind trust was news in itself

There was a time when the very existence of a blind trust was news in itself – the existence of Peter Mandelson’s blind trust when he was a minister in Tony Blair’s government was a row in itself in 2009.

The Chancellor could spend billions on tax cuts in the Budget

A combination of higher revenue and lower spending, together with the more favourable outlook for GDP and interest rates, means that the Chancellor has a large amount of fiscal space ahead of his budget on 15 March.

Chopper’s Westminster Whispers for 2023 February 20

Penny’s Tory associations tour raises eyebrows There was an eyebrow-raising admission at the end of Penny Mordaunt’s interview on the BBC’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg show. “I’ve just finished a tour in the West Country and I’ve been visiting businesses and all sorts of community groups, but I’ve also been visiting our activists and ourContinue reading “Chopper’s Westminster Whispers for 2023 February 20”

Sunak can be No 10’s Buzz Lightyear

Afternoon, I spent some of half term last week at Disneyland Paris, wandering between the various attractions such as Pirates of the Caribbean, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups and Alice’s Curious Labyrinth. Why did it all remind me of the Brexit talks? The decision by Rishi Sunak to “pause” progress on his Northern Ireland ProtocolContinue reading “Sunak can be No 10’s Buzz Lightyear”

Conservatives continue to haemorrhage support among voters and councillors

Afternoon, Conservatives continue to haemorrhage support among voters and councillors A crumb of comfort for the Tories today with the latest GDP data this morning showing the UK’s economy flatlined in the last three months of 2022, helping the nation to narrowly avoid a recession. That is about it though with Electoral Calculus’s Martin BaxterContinue reading “Conservatives continue to haemorrhage support among voters and councillors”

Five minutes to midnight on Zahawi’s political future

Rishi Sunak has asked his independent ethics adviser Sir Laurie Magnus to look into the tax affairs of Nadhim Zahawi, as “clearly in this case there are questions that need answering”. The PM stepped in after Zahawi’s friends insisted the chairman of the Conservative Party was not planning to resign amid a furore over hisContinue reading “Five minutes to midnight on Zahawi’s political future”

Christopher ‘Chopper’ Hope on 2023 January 16

It is clear that both the Tories and Labour are finally narrowing their gaze on the people who matter: voters.

The Telegraph Chopper’s politics for Tuesday 2023 January 10

Good evening, As a veteran of the Brexit Wars 2017-2020, I have learned to be highly sceptical of claims of a breakthrough in the talks about a settlement over the Northern Ireland Protocol. That was how I felt when the United Kingdom and European Union hailed a big advance in Brexit talks over the NorthernContinue reading “The Telegraph Chopper’s politics for Tuesday 2023 January 10”

Chopper’s politics for 2022 December 06

By Christopher ‘Chopper’ Hope, ASSOCIATE EDITOR (POLITICS) Afternoon Boris Johnson won a landslide at the 2019 general election on a pledge that a Tory government “will require that a minimum service operates during transport strikes“. What has happened since then? A new piece of legislation – Transport Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill was introduced toContinue reading “Chopper’s politics for 2022 December 06”