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Pastoral discipline and dissent from papal teaching

Controversial Pope + Catholics attacking their own so called infallible pope continued Normally the Roman Catholic Church requires assent to all her teaching, whether that teaching comes from the universal episcopate of all the bishops or from the head of the bishops, the Pope, the Bishop of Rome. With regard to papal teaching, the CatholicsContinue reading “Pastoral discipline and dissent from papal teaching”

New Name a fact

Concerning the name change from the blog: “Christadelphian World” to “Our World”.

Christadelphians or Messianic Christians or Messianic Jews

Those who believe in the resurrection of Christ Jesus, should accept that at first he was dead. When he would not have died, his standing up from his position in the grave would not be so spectacular or so important for humankind. God can not die because He is an eternal spirit, which mean HeContinue reading “Christadelphians or Messianic Christians or Messianic Jews”

Those who call the Christadelphians a cult

Glenn Joseph Lea was annoyed at Google for when searching for Christadelphians, the term Christadelphian Cult comes up as one of the search phrases. He should know that shall happen with other smaller religious groups as well. But he has reasons to complain about what he can find on those websites that tell people thatContinue reading “Those who call the Christadelphians a cult”