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2022 towards its end

It seems like 2022 is only a few months away, but 11 months have already passed. In those months, the world faced some hot moments, with an upcoming Third World War lurking behind the door. Fortunately, most politicians were smart enough to keep away from red buttons and not jump in too quickly on theContinue reading “2022 towards its end”

Media Literacy

Originally posted on Aisha's Blog:
Media Literacy in the digital landscape is the way in which we as a society understands media and the encoded messages behind it. Fake news, cancel culture, and outrage culture have all contributed to the way in which we understand the news and people around us. It’s crazy how…

Conspiracy theories in plenty-fold

The psychological research on conspiracy beliefs to date has focused predominantly on conspiracy beliefs in Western democracies. Support for democratic principles, low trust in institutions and media were significant predictors of conspiracy beliefs.

Fourth wave of COVID-19 a pandemic of the unvaccinated

Undeniable ruler of European health Nobody can ignore what is raging around the world and has the power to make several people die. On Tuesday, speaking to the European Parliament plenary in Strasbourg, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen cited large and worrying disparities in different EU member countries’ vaccination rates. In Bulgaria, slightlyContinue reading “Fourth wave of COVID-19 a pandemic of the unvaccinated”

Violent riots against Corona-measures

Riot police and protesters clashed in the streets of several towns and cities like Rotterdam, The Hague and Brussels in demonstrations over government-imposed Covid-19 restrictions, with police firing water cannon and teargas at crowds. Troublemakers played a game of cat and mouse with the police, and threw smoke bombs, fireworks and rocks at officers and enjoyed bringing as much damage as they could to private properties.

Only during the second wave more infections were recorded

You would expect by now that people would know how to avoid the spreading of the Sars 2 virus. When we look around it is no wonder that we could hear the virologist Steven Van Gucht saying that only during the height of last autumn’s second wave the number of infections was higher.