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The New Arab: Israel’s Knesset votes to extend ‘racist’ citizenship law, banning Palestinian family unification

Originally posted on Levant's Agora:
By The New Arab staff. Israel’s parliament voted on Sunday to extend a citizenship law which bars Palestinians who marry Israelis from attaining a resident status in the country.? The law – which has been slammed as “racist” and a “love ban” – effectively bans the unification of Palestinian…

The first week of August 2022 as seen by the Week

August 01 1st ship containing Ukrainian grain leaves port under deal The first ship carrying Ukrainian grain left the Odesa port on Monday under a deal seeking to get a backlog of crops out of the country to ease a growing global hunger crisis. The ship was headed to Lebanon with more than 26,000 tonsContinue reading “The first week of August 2022 as seen by the Week”

The Guardian looking at the first week of August

The Guardian looks at women footballers and at researchers that warn that climate breakdown could exacerbate or trigger other catastrophic risks, plus further events for the first week of August 2022.

Journalism under attack

The 2022 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos emphasised that everyone can take action to promote quality journalism and media freedom.

Greece: humanitarian workers’ lives remain on hold as trial is adjourned #2

In how far can people come to rescue people who are trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to enter Europe? This is at stake in Greece.
All those who come to the rescue of people at sea must be protected by their own countries and the European Union and must be assured that their rescue duties will not be compromised.

Vrijheden in Hongkong brengen zelfs Amnesty International in gevaar

Zogezegd zou men in Hongkong vrij moeten zijn en nog kunnen nagenieten van de met Groot-Britannië en China overeengekomen maatregelen voor de overgang van een ‘onafhankelijk Hongkong‘  te laten integreren in China. In juni vorig jaar werd door Peking een veiligheidswet ingevoerd in de Speciale bestuurlijke regio van de Volksrepubliek China, als een reactie opContinue reading “Vrijheden in Hongkong brengen zelfs Amnesty International in gevaar”