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The National: Why Lebanon’s time-zone troubles are no laughing matter

Lebanon time-zone

Lebanon > “Muslim time” < > “Christian time” + Lebanese government time

  • near-unilateral decision > some communities, ministries, schools and religious institutions refused to comply => disarray
  • postponement of time change => sectarian tensions rising,

Levant's Agora

The National Editorial.

Sunday’s news that Lebanon’s residents woke up in two different time zones led to jokes about “Muslim time” and “Christian time” but it also exemplified some of the problems facing the state.

The government announced that the usual start of Daylight Saving Time would be delayed until April 21. Although no reason was given for the announcement, a leaked video of senior officials discussing the move published by a Lebanese media outlet suggested that postponing the time change until the end of Ramadan would allow Muslims to break their fast an hour earlier.

Thankfully, the move was reversed yesterday but the fact that such an important announcement was made with no independent oversight points to the ad hoc nature of decision making in Lebanon and the weakness of its institutions. Justice Minister Henri Khoury’s condemnation of the decision laid bare this internal turmoil.

In a country with…

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