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Asharq Al-Awsat: Kremlin Time and Beirut Time

clock-wallpaper, night, half past eleven- klok in de nacht, half twaalf


To remember

  • world living on time of Chinese-American relations
  • Kremlin masters’ decisions leave their mark on the security of the planet + the prices of energy & grain.
  • another year of Russian war on Ukraine = catastrophic to the world
  • Vladimir Putin cannot come out defeated from the war => fragmentation of the Russian Federation
  • Chinese-American relations > dispute over future Taiwan = massive mine
  • Iranian-American clashes in eastern Syria = additional evidence of tensions.
  • Putin declaring annexation of Ukrainian regions he believes are part of Russia => Putin cannot withdraw from them + blocked possibility of solution
  • ongoing bloodbath in Bakhmut = sign of current impasse
  • Russia’s stationing of nuclear weapons in Belarus = message that it is prepared to take catastrophic decisions to avoid defeat.
  • Factional rhetoric has taken over Lebanon => despairing people > lethal impact caused by emigration.
  • battle of time = scary

Levant's Agora

By Ghassan Charbel.

The world is living on Kremlin time. The decisions of its master leave their mark on the security of the planet and the prices of energy and grain.

Experts agree that another year of the Russian war on Ukraine will be catastrophic to the world. Vladimir Putin’s announcement that he was stationing tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus was the latest evidence that the man is in a complicated crisis that he has also dragged the world in.

The announcement is a reminder that he cannot come out defeated from the war. Defeat in Ukraine could ultimately lead to the loss of the Kremlin. It may also lead to the fragmentation of the Russian Federation itself because only a powerful man can put its parts together.

The world is also living on the time of Chinese-American relations. The dispute over the future of Taiwan is a massive…

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