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The Strategist: Prospects for Israeli–Palestinian peace more remote than ever

Palestinian / Israeli flag - Israeli–Palestinian relations + peace process

To remember

  • Israel + Palestinian Authority > confronting internal challenges => cast shadows over their futures, + fast-rising tensions between the two sides = approaching a breaking point.
  • Benjamin Netanyahu + extreme ultra-Orthodox + right-wing parties = determined to change very nature of Israel’s constitutional order.
  • politicise judiciary + strip it of its most important powers
  • threatening to eliminate any remaining possibility of achieving a sustainable two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian question.
  • Isaac Herzog warned > risk of civil war cannot be dismissed.
  • Israeli–Palestinian conflict challenged by fundamentalist forces
  • entering season of Ramadan (March 22 – April 20) + Passover (April 5–13) +> passions bound to rise even further.
  • this year > at least 100 people already killed in various West Bank clashes so far, + civilians on both sides fallen victim to terrorist attacks.



  1. Weekly World Watch 6th – 12th June 2010
  2. Israel the Oil and Gas Opportunity
  3. Israel not building up their weaponry for nothing
  4. Netanyahu Election Tactics Spark Apology and Rebuke
  5. Lacking legitimacy in the eyes of his people
  6. WWW on our position 50 years after Israel captured Jerusalem during the Six Day War.
  7. Russia Interested in Consultations With Israel on Security in Middle East
  8. Iran could build nuclear bomb ‘within months’
  9. Iranian mouthpiece threatens Israel with map of targets
  10. Apartheid South Africa and Israel’s Treatment of the Palestinians – Modern Parallels
  11. AJC Global Forum 2022: World at crossroads Democracy versus Tyranny
  12. Mondoweiss: The Palestinian Authority is a figleaf for Israeli apartheid. Disband it.
  13. Why Israel’s annexation of the West Bank should worry every human rights defender: self-determination as integral to basic human rights


Additional reading

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  28. As there is a lot of division in Christendom there is too in Judaism
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  38. Trump Dragging the Jews and Israel into the scrum, using both as one more weapon in his racist rants.
  39. Israel featured twice on list of potential 2022 conflicts
  40. Israel weighing options amid deepening Russia-Ukraine crisis
  41. Trilateral naval drills between China, Russia and Iran started on Friday
  42. U.S. Mideast naval exercise and fighter jets in the Gulf region
  43. The decline in Israel-Russia ties
  44. Russia takes issue with Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights and Jerusalem
  45. Russia ‘sends a message’ with first missile attack on Israeli jets in Syrian war, expert says



  1. Day 7: The Wrong Side of the Tracks [Walls]
  2. Day 17: Some Laws are Meant to Be Broken
  3. New US embassy may be in Jerusalem — but not in Israel
  4. UN Blacklist: Why Israel is doing everything it can to thwart the UN Human Rights Council
  5. What if . . . ?
  6. Seeking protection for the Palestinians at the UN empowers the criminals
  7. Exploiting Gaza tops the UN’s humanitarian agenda
  8. Goods produced in Israeli settlements are not “Made in Israel,” says European Court of Justice
  9. Israel’s growing settlements force stark choices about its future
  10. Trump is systematically ending the viability of a future Palestinian state
  11. Trump crushes Palestinian hopes — again
  12. Forensic Architecture Finds Israeli Occupation Is Destroying Major Palestinian Archeological Site
  13. Thousands March in Occupied Territories Demanding Release of Bodies of Palestinians
  14. Nations unite to call for halt to Israel’s West Bank expansion

Levant's Agora

By Carl Bildt.

A massive double crisis is emerging between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean. Both Israel and the Palestinian Authority are confronting internal challenges that have cast shadows over their futures, and fast-rising tensions between the two sides are approaching a breaking point.

In Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu has returned to power by allying himself with extreme ultra-Orthodox and right-wing parties that are determined to change the very nature of Israel’s constitutional order. Among other things, the government is pursuing reforms that will politicise the judiciary and strip it of its most important powers, as well as threatening to eliminate any remaining possibility of achieving a sustainable two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian question.

Meanwhile, Israelis have taken to the streets en masse to protest the government’s proposals. In a recent speech unveiling his own ‘people’s directive’ to end the crisis, Israeli President Isaac Herzog warned that the risk of…

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