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Is there a reason for you to experience a sense of brooding fear

What makes you most anxious?

The war in Ukraine with its impact on utility and household bills made a lot of people afraid of what is going to go wrong. Some even wonder if we are not close to World War III.

Personally, I do not see any reason to panic. Perhaps that is because I have my faith in the Holy Scriptures. In that Book of books is told that we shall have to face a horrible war. The Bible tells us it is going to be worse than all the wars we had before.

Am I not afraid of such a war?

Well, when it has to come, we are better to be prepared before it starts. The most important preparation is the mindset. When knowing Armageddon is coming our way, there should be no state of being anxious or experiencing a strong or dominating blend of uncertainty, agitation or dread, and brooding fear about some contingency. In a way there shall be no escaping from it, so knowing that all people, wherever they live, shall be confronted by the same battle.

It is never a nice feeling when there is a certain uncertaintyUncertainness or the state or condition of being uncertain and doubt are the source of fear and worry. Nothing is ever decided, and all the uncertainty is not good for morale. We have to know and live with it that

life is full of uncertainties and problems.

Frightening for me would be not able enough to get others ready to tackle what is coming up. I for myself also would love to be ready to face those difficult times, with the many natural disasters and all the human violence. It would hurt me when I would see my children not managing to stay strong in those times of temptations and times of trial and tribulation.

Daunting to see that there would be cause or reason for fear or discouragement to those I love. The prospect of a terrifying period that so many would not be able to stand strong in faith.

That great period when the world will be put to the test will not really scare me, or should I fear that it might be possible that I will not be strong enough to be resilient? Or should I say?:

Perhaps what scares me the most is that I will have failed to make myself strong enough to cope with future difficulties.

I also wonder what would others frighten most?

Is there a reason for you to experience a sense of brooding fear


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