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The Telegraph for the sabbath of 2023 February 24-25

On February 24, 1582 the Gregorian calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII. In what year was it adopted in Britain – supposedly resulting in public uproar over 11 lost days? (See at the bottom for the Trivia answer.)

World news: Bird flu kills school girl in Cambodia

Scientists testing a dozen people for avian influenza in Cambodia have said the father of an 11-year-old who died from the disease is infected. Reports of a possible human cluster of H5N1 have caused unease among scientists and health officials around the world. Sarah Newey reports that over the past two years, the lethal pathogen has devastated bird populations in unprecedented numbers and has more recently jumped into mammals including mink, foxes and sealions. There are also signs it may be mutating, which could eventually enable H5N1 to spread efficiently in humans.

Bird flu kills school girl and infects father – and 11 others are under observation
Authorities test close-contacts for H5N1 after child’s death. The possibility of human-to-human transmission has sparked alarm.
‘Three soldiers took turns raping me in front of my children’
Investigation uncovers mass rape of women in eastern DRC – the country’s government is accused of failing victims.
Mpox virus has 15 per cent death rate among patients with advanced HIV, scientists warn
Research says the virus is extremely aggressive among those with advanced HIV or Aids.
Saturday Front Page
The Prime Minister has won Brexit changes from the EU, says No 10. Also, Environment Secretary Therese Coffey’s suggestion to eat turnips instead of tomatoes in shortages has attracted the cartoonists.

Editor’s choice

He has created formalwear for the Queen Consort for many years – and dressed Princess Diana too
Fashion | Bruce Oldfield is a perfect but also risky choice to design the Queen Consort’s coronation gown
Frank Richards' creation Billy Bunter
Books | ‘Racist’, ‘sizeist’ Noddy and Billy Bunter were rewritten too – but not in secret
"I found lovers but never love," Cosmo Landesman turned to dating apps after his divorce
Dating | After my second divorce, I turned to online dating – and it was not what I expected

Business news: TSSA rail union accepts pay deal

Thousands of rail staff have accepted a pay deal rejected earlier this month by the RMT union. Members of the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA) have voted to accept offers by train companies in the long-running dispute, the union announced. The offer accepted by the TSSA includes at least a 9pc increase over two years, rising to over 14pc for the lowest paid workers.

Friday’s essential headlines

Roald Dahl | The publisher of Roald Dahl has announced that it will produce uncensored versions of his stories following a backlash over changes to his work. Puffin UK said it had “listened to the debate” and understood there were “very real questions around how stories can be kept relevant for new generations”.

Find initial reactions: Absurdity of present “woke” rage: The rewriting of Dahl

Headlines: Saturday’s essential news

Concessions awaited | A Brexit deal between the UK and the EU to improve the Northern Ireland Protocol could be announced by Monday. Do Conservative MPs face a party revolt over Boris Johnson’s ouster?

Latest on coronavirus

Total UK infections jump for the third week in a row, as most parts of the country continue to see a rise in prevalence of the virus.

Levels have increased among all adults over 25 in England, though the proportion of schoolchildren testing positive has fallen.

The Queen Consort has pulled out of a visit to a food redistribution charity with the King as she continues to recover from Covid.

Ministers ‘to blame for ordering £122m million of unusable hospital gowns from a start-up firm linked to the Tory peer Baroness Mone’.


Around the world: Top stories

Comment and analysis

Saturday interview

‘My sister was imprisoned in Ukraine – why will no-one tell me where she is?’
The Chechelyuk family
When Russia invaded, the Chechelyuk family were caught up in the siege of Mariupol and separated. They found their way back to one another, all except eldest daughter, Maryana, who was detained by Russia… then disappeared without a trace

Take 5: Saturday features

What gripped our readers this week

John Hurt in the film adaptation of George Orwell's dystopian novel, 1984
Culture | George Orwell’s chilling prediction has come true – it’s time to make a stand

Trivia answers: 1752.

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