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The Telegraph for 2023 February 06-07

Monday February 6

Comment and analysis

World news: Kim Jong-un goes missing before parade

Kim Jong-un has not been seen in public for 35 days, ahead of an expected mass parade in Pyongyang this week to celebrate the North Korean military’s 75th anniversary. The authoritarian leader skipped a Politburo meeting on Sunday on the country’s acute agricultural crisis, NK News reported, noting that it was only the third time he has ever done so. Our Asia correspondent Nicola Smith writes that previous extended periods out of the public eye have fuelled rumours about his deteriorating health and speculation about his possible successor.

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Normanton Church on Rutland Water
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James Norton as Happy Valley villain Tommy Lee Royce
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Business news: Track the house price crash

It’s a national preoccupation: how far have house prices fallen, and how much further will they drop? Property prices started to fall on a monthly basis at the end of 2022, but the real downturn is about to hit as the market reels from the effects of soaring mortgage rates. So how do we measure the real state of the market? Our new house price tracker gives you every chart you need to see how far house prices are falling.

Tuesday February 7

Matthew Robinson By Matthew Robinson
Good morning.

Alex Salmond has accused Nicola Sturgeon of throwing away years of Scottish independence campaigning with her “self-indulgent nonsense” over trans laws. Also, Salman Rushdie, pictured above, has said he dreamt of a “colossal” attack before he was stabbed more than a dozen times in August.

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Sturgeon’s trans row set us back years, says Salmond

Nicola Sturgeon is facing a fresh crisis after she was accused by Alex Salmond of having “thrown away” years of campaigning for Scottish independence over her controversial trans laws. In his first public intervention in the row over transgender rapist Isla Bryson being sent to a women’s prison, Mr Salmond said nationalists had managed to drive up support for independence to above 50 per cent in the polls. But he said backing had declined since her “self-indulgent nonsense” on gender self-identification laws. The former SNP leader told a Burns Supper for his Alba Party on Saturday that he had assumed the leaders of the nationalist movement “well understood” the need to win over “every part and section” of Scotland. However, Ms Sturgeon insisted she was not spooked by a YouGov poll, published at the weekend, which found backing for separation down from 53 per cent to 47 per cent in a month, and support for the SNP at a Westminster election at 42 per cent.

Meanwhile, the crisis around Ms Sturgeon’s leadership intensified on Monday when she referred to Bryson as “her” following days of refusing to say whether she regarded the transgender rapist as male or female. Challenged at a press conference about the “Freudian slip” and whether she regarded Bryson as female, the First Minister said: “She regards herself a woman, I regard the individual as a rapist.” She also attempted to calm the civil war in the SNP by insisting MPs and MSPs who oppose her Gender Recognition Reform Bill did not have to stand down. Shirley-Anne Somerville, the education secretary and a Sturgeon loyalist, suggested at the weekend that they should consider quitting. Scottish political editor Simon Johnson has the full story.

Islamist extremism ‘treated like mental illness’

Islamic extremists are being treated as victims rather than the public being protected from the threat they pose, an official review into the Government’s anti-radicalisation programme will warn. The report into Prevent is expected to find that officials have been too focused on addressing the “personal vulnerabilities” of extremists, with terrorism treated as a mental illness. Seven of the 13 terror attacks in the past six years, including the murder of MP David Amess, have been carried out by extremists who had been referred to Prevent.

Salman Rushdie says he dreamt of ‘colossal’ attack

Days before Sir Salman Rushdie was stabbed on stage at a literary festival in the US, he dreamt that an attacker would hurt him with “a sharp object”. In the nightmare, a figure “like a gladiator” came at him, the author revealed in his first interview since the August attack. That day at the Chautauqua Institution in New York state, Sir Salman was stabbed more than a dozen times in the chest, liver, hand, face and neck, and has since lost the sight in his right eye. But as arts and entertainment editor Anita Singh reports, he has not lost his sense of humour.

Also in the news this morning

Cabinet reshuffle | Rishi Sunak is preparing to announce a small reshuffle of his Cabinet as soon as today as he attempts to get the right frontbench team to close the polling gap with Labour. The Prime Minister has been looking for a successor to Nadhim Zahawi as the Conservative Party chairman after he was sacked following a tax row, but is now expected to go further in the shake-up. There has also been mounting pressure from Labour, trade unions and some Tory MPs for Dominic Raab, the Justice Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister, to step aside following allegations of bullying.

Comment and analysis

Editor’s choice

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Business briefing: Call for ‘war footing’ to counter US subsidies

Britain must shift to economic “war footing” with a wave of reforms or risk being left behind by President Joe Biden’s massive programme of subsidies, business leaders will warn. In a letter to Rishi Sunak, the chief executives of Virgin Atlantic, Coutts, Heathrow Airport and Rolls-Royce’s nuclear power project will demand a UK plan to counter the US Inflation Reduction Act, including tax credits for exporters and a radical overhaul of the relationship between business and government. Meanwhile, Union leaders were forced to call off a two-day postal strike following a legal challenge by Royal Mail bosses.

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Nicola Sturgeon’s gender ‘nonsense’ has set Scottish independence back years, says Alex Salmond

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