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New term names at London School of Economics

“Woke” seems to be the word of today. Every one and everything has to be or is called “woke”.

These days, it also looks like nothing may be having something connecting it to a religion.

The London School of Economics (LSE) has overhauled the titles of its traditional three terms to be more “international”.

Until now, the yearly structure at the university, founded in 1895, has been the Michaelmas term, the Christmas break, Lent term, Easter break, summer term and finally the summer holidays.

This largely mirrors the calendar at other top universities such as Cambridge, Oxford and Durham, as well as at leading private schools such as Eton.

But from next year at LSE, Michaelmas will be renamed as “autumn term”, Christmas break will be renamed as “winter break”, Lent term as “winter term” and Easter break as “spring break”.

LSE said that

“these new names use more accessible and widely-recognised terminology, and better reflect the international nature of our community and our broader global engagement”.

Church attendance in England has reduced a lot and for many it does not seem right to have certain things named by giving the impression it is connected with Christianity. It looks like Britons do not want to show any relation with God anymore. Previously the British were very keen to keep all their so-called Christian traditions, though most part of it are heathen traditions.

Christianity used to be part of the package of being British, like tea and Shakespeare. They also had their high days, which were sacred. As such, they still celebrate Christmas in a special manner. The majority of them still not wanting to see how that day in December is a day for a false god and as such an abomination in the eyes of the Only Real God.

Like many other countries, God has been pushed to the side. Britain has become a multicultural and secular country, like most of the West European countries.

For many Britons, Jesus is their god and around him, they have created special days, instead of keeping to the holy or sacred days provided by God.

For some, the changing of the term names is a sign of their country getting less religious and not wanting to know anymore of Christian values. Though secularisation can be seen everywhere, many find it wrong for institutions to follow that same route.

Critics have rounded on the university’s “virtue-signalling nonsense”, arguing its pandering to the “church of woke” is the latest attack on Christians on Britain’s top campuses.

Simon Calvert, deputy director at The Christian Institute, told The Telegraph:

“We have been warning for years that Christians are being pushed from the public square, yet the problem is getting worse.

“Christians and those with traditional views often find themselves silenced or bullied. It’s particularly ironic when this happens at institutions that were originally founded on Christian principles and with endowments from Christian benefactors.

“So, this ludicrous decision by the LSE to rebrand traditional academic terms, by scrapping references to the calendar of the established Church, is more virtue-signalling nonsense that creates exclusion in the name of inclusivity.

“They don’t seem to have given any thought to the message this sends to their Christian staff and students, especially in a sector which has become a hostile environment to those with traditional views.”

Published by Marcus Ampe

Retired dancer, choreographer, choreologist Founder of the Dance impresario office and archive: Danscontact-Dansarchief plus the Association for Bible scholars, the Lifestyle magazines "Stepping Toes" and "From Guestwriters" and creator of the site "Messiah for all". - Gepensioneerd danser, choreograaf, choreoloog. Stichter van Danscontact-Dansarchief plus van de Vereniging voor Bijbelvorsers, de Lifestyle magazines "Stepping Toes" en "From Guestwriters" en maker van de site "Messiah for all".

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