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The Telegraph Frontpage for Monday 2023 January 16

UK freezing weather: the Cumbrian village of Nenthead in the snow
Danny Boyle By Danny Boyle
We have the latest on the police investigation after traces of uranium were found in cargo at Heathrow Airport. Forecasters are warning of icy rush-hour commutes in this week’s cold snap after snow fell in areas including the Cumbrian village of Nenthead, pictured above. And, on Blue Monday, we offer tips to boost your mood with food.

British citizen held after radioactive substance found

After the discovery of radioactive uranium, an arrest that could affect already heightened tensions between London and Tehran. A businessman has been held on suspicion of terrorism over an alleged attempt to import the substance into the UK. The British citizen, in his 60s, was detained by counter-terrorism police after traces were found at Heathrow airport in a consignment of scrap metal intended for an Iranian-registered business. He was questioned under Section 9 of the Terrorism Act 2006, which created an offence “of making or possessing a radioactive device or possessing radioactive material with the intention of using it” in the commission or preparation of an act of terrorism. As chief reporter Robert Mendick reports, the section is very seldom used.

It comes after the execution of a UK-Iranian dual national charged with spying for MI6. The killing of Alireza Akbari, a former Iranian deputy defence minister with dual UK nationality, was confirmed on Saturday and prompted the Foreign Secretary to summon Iran’s chargé d’affaires to register his “disgust”. Mr Akbari was charged with spying for MI6 amid claims he was tortured for 3,500 hours before being executed. The Iranian regime has also been accused by British intelligence services of being behind at least 10 plots to murder or kidnap opponents on UK streets in the last year. The UK is expected in coming weeks to sanction the regime’s Islamic revolutionary Guard Corps, which is accused of sponsoring terrorist activity abroad. Tehran’s military support for Russia in its war with Ukraine has further angered the West.

Freezing week ahead with wintry showers for UK

Britain is facing a five-day cold snap with icy rush hours and sub-zero temperatures across the country after weeks of mild conditions. The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for ice in all four nations, more than 80 flood warnings are in place and temperatures are due to drop below zero in most places at night. Cold air from the north moved south overnight into this morning, with “wintry showers” in Northern Ireland, northern England, North Wales and the north Midlands. The Met Office said this morning’s rush hour would be “tricky”, with sleet and snow in some areas. Follow the latest forecast and travel updates.

Three easy ways to boost your mood through food

If you were not feeling a little low already, Monday is officially the most depressing day of the year. Yes, it is Blue Monday, the winter equinox of bad moods. Admittedly, the concept was dreamt up by travel marketing professionals to sell more holidays, but there is no denying that mid-January can feel interminably dark and dreary. Thankfully, there is plenty you can do, diet-wise, to boost your mood with food. Sam Rice has three of the best to help ensure a slow, sustained release of energy.

Also in the news this Monday

Education | Ministers are set to plead with schools to keep classes open for GCSEs and A-level pupils if unions today announce that teachers will strike. The National Education Union and the National Association of Head Teachers are due to publish the results of ballots for industrial action. The education department has drawn up guidance to be issued to all schools in England tomorrow morning if strike action is announced.

Around the world: Daring escape of Russian deserter

A Russian mercenary commander fled from his homeland into Norway by creeping past border watchtowers, dodging rifle fire and scrambling away from tracker dogs. Andrei Medvedev claimed he climbed two barbed wire fences guarding the 123-mile Russia-Norway border in the Arctic, then ran across a frozen river. James Kilner has the full story. It came as pictures showed the miraculous rescue of a woman pulled from an apartment building in Dnipro that was torn open by a Russian missile.
Anastasia Shvets escapes from what is left of her apartment in Dnipro.

Anastasia Shvets escapes from what is left of her apartment in Dnipro. Credit: Hromadske

Comment and analysis

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Business briefing: Heat pump target at risk

The recently unemployed should be handed higher benefits to tide them over while they are looking for a new job, a leading Conservative think tank has recommended. Bright Blue said the Government should look at introducing a European-style insurance scheme that would pay people who are laid off a proportion of their salary. Meanwhile, Rachel Millard reports that a trade body has warned that nearly three times as many heat pump engineers will be needed to hit government targets.

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UK weather: Track left hanging in mid-air following landslide
Met Police officer revealed as one of Britain’s worst rapists

David Carrick has pleaded guilty to 47 rapes

David Carrick

A serving Metropolitan Police officer can be revealed as one of Britain’s most prolific rapists after admitting more than 80 sex offences spanning almost 20 years.

David Carrick, 48, committed dozens of depraved attacks on at least 13 women despite being employed as an armed protection officer.

In total, he has pleaded guilty to 47 rapes, nine sexual assaults, three counts of coercive control, two of false imprisonment and a string of other offences.

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