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The Telegraph Frontpage for Friday 2022 December 30

Rishi Sunak is considering the return of Covid travel restrictions for the first time since pandemic rules were scrapped in February, amid concern over soaring cases in China.

And the world has paid heartfelt tributes to Brazil’s football legend Pelé, who has died at the age of 82.

Headlines: Today’s essential news

Covid curbs | Tighter rules for travellers arriving from China may be on the cards amid a surge in cases following Beijing’s decision to end its zero Covid policy. Ministers are considering the idea and a variety of options are being worked up on what the restrictions would look like. Long queues have formed outside Chinese funeral homes with the virus understood to be killing 9,000 people per day, according to a UK health firm. Plus, writing for The Telegraph, Dr Chris Smith said it’s too late to stop China’s Covid nightmare.

  • ‘Peaceful passing’ | Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood dies aged 81
    The pioneering British fashion designer made a name for herself as the queen of punk in the 1970s, with her androgynous designs, slogan t-shirts and irreverent attitude towards the establishment.Dame Vivienne died on Thursday “peacefully, and surrounded by her family in Clapham, south London”, her representatives said.In a statement, her husband and creative partner Andreas Kronthaler said: “I will continue with Vivienne in my heart.
  • Cheating fears | AI essay chatbot could end homework, schools warn
    Headteachers fear a new AI chatbot that can write convincing essays will lead to mass cheating on homework and exam coursework and are urging ministers to intervene.Schools are planning emergency new year talks to assess how to respond to ChatGPT, a chatbot released last month by a Silicon Valley company which provides almost instant human-like answers to exam questions.

    Education leaders said that schools could be forced to overhaul homework by asking children to write essays during lessons and do research at home to prevent them from using the chatbot to cheat.

    ChatGPT, which is free to use and available to anyone online, has been developed by OpenAI, a company that was originally backed by Elon Musk and received a $1 billion (£829 million) investment from Microsoft in 2019.

    The company said that its aim is to create AI chatbot software capable of mastering whole fields of human knowledge.

  • ‘Left-wing bias’ | BBC dramas ‘warping modern Britain’, report claims
    Some shows such as EastEnders and Vigil described as being close to propaganda due to criticisms of Brexit and government agencies

    Some shows are described as being close to outright propaganda because of their criticisms of Brexit, the police, capitalism, the nuclear deterrent and government agencies.The Campaign for Common Sense reviewed more than a year’s output of BBC drama and found that the corporation was presenting a version of the UK that few viewers would recognise.

    As well as lecturing viewers on topics including climate change, the BBC indulges in its own form of social engineering by over-representing minorities, the report suggested.

  • Pay dispute | Nurses will have to back down on demands, says union
    Paul Nowak, 50, the new head of the Trades Union Congress, said both sides will have to compromise in disputes over pay as the Government said it would not be “held to ransom” by striking workers.Speaking on his first day in the job, Mr Nowak – whose organisation represents 48 unions and 5.5 million workers – said the Government needed to sit down with those walking out and find a “landing zone” to end strike action.
  • Income slump | Biggest wage squeeze for 100 years in 2023
    Jeremy Hunt’s tax raid will help to trigger the biggest income squeeze in a century as the cost of living crisis becomes “far worse” next year, forecasters have warned.Households will suffer a 3.8pc slump in real disposable incomes in 2023 because of rising taxes, interest rates and energy bills, according to predictions by the Resolution Foundation think tank. This equates to an £880 drop in earning power and is the biggest fall for a century.

    The Resolution Foundation said that typical middle class households will pay £1,000 more in tax, in part because of measures previously announced by Mr Hunt, the Chancellor. Meanwhile, 2m homeowners will be stung by more expensive mortgages as their fixed rate deals end.

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Editor’s choice: Take 5

Gallery: News pictures of the year

From Russia invading Ukraine, to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, it has been quite the year for news in the UK and around the world. Here, we have selected the most striking news pictures from 2022.

Ukraine war

Members of the Ukrainian civil defence pass assault rifles to the opposite side of a bridge

Looking back at 2022: Sussexes unleashed

The world gained unprecedented access to the Sussexes’ private lives, as a spotlight was shone on their relationship with Buckingham Palace and senior members of the Royal family in a Netflix series. During one of the programmes, Meghan directly accused the palace of planting negative stories about her to shield other members of the Royal family. As fallout from the show lingers and Harry’s book looms, insiders explain how the Royal family can look to the future. And Camilla Tominey writes about how the Queen really felt about Harry and Meghan in her last days.

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