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The Telegraph Frontpage for Boxing Day 2022

The King has urged the public to find hope at a time of “great anxiety and hardship”, in his first Christmas broadcast.

Plus, the Government will stop publishing Covid modelling in the new year, The Telegraph understands.

Headlines: Today’s essential news

Christmas message | In his first festive broadcast, the King recognised the difficulties experienced by those struggling to “pay their bills and keep their families fed and warm” during the cost-of-living crisis. Whether he agonised over a potential mention of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, we will never know. But in opting not to acknowledge them, His Majesty perhaps sent a silent message more powerful than any other.

Around the word: Top Stories

  • Ukraine war | Putin says Russia is ready to negotiate with ‘everyone’
    Vladimir Putin says he is ready to talk with “everyone involved” over ending the 10-month war in Ukraine but has blamed Kyiv and the West for “refusing to negotiate”.

    The Russian leader said Moscow’s forces were acting in the “right direction” in Ukraine because the West, led by the United States, was trying to cleave Russia apart.

  • Raise a glass | Zelensky Cocktail created in honour of Ukraine’s leader
    The Zelensky Cocktail has been concocted by the Special Forces Club, one of the most secretive private members clubs in the world.

    It has never before allowed publicity and photography inside is forbidden, meaning that the cocktail’s first public outing was moved to another London location.

    The Special Forces Club wants the Zelensky Cocktail to be enjoyed as widely as possible to support Ukraine in the face of continued Russian brutality.

  • US weather | ‘Bomb cyclone’ snowstorm kills 32 people
    Locals in Texas stunned by sight of frozen animals falling from bridge as deadly winter storm continues to wreak havoc
    At least 32 people have died and more than a million people across the US and Canada were without power on Christmas. The eastern state of Maine was among the worst-hit locations, with nearly 90,000 people left without power.

    It was estimated that 250 million people have been affected by the bomb cyclone, with the storm extending more than 2,000 miles from Quebec in Canada to Texas.
  • Soaring infections | China stops publishing Covid death figures
    China will no longer publish daily figures for Covid-19 cases and deaths, amid soaring cases following the dismantling of the country’s strict zero-Covid policy.

    The National Health Commission (NHC) announced the change on Sunday, ending a practice that began in early 2020.

    Cities across China have struggled with surging infections, and a resulting shortage of pharmaceuticals and overflowing hospital wards, after Beijing rapidly eased its zero-Covid strategy.

    “From today, we will no longer publish daily information on the epidemic,” the NHC said, without further explanation.

  • Austria | Fears two people buried alive in Christmas Day avalanche
    Sniffer dogs and hundreds of rescue workers are scouring the site of an avalanche in western Austria, as local authorities vow to search through the night for two people who may be buried under deep snow.

    Ten people were initially feared missing at a popular ski area near the town of Zeurs, based on footage shared by a witness.

Boxing Day recipes | Diana Henry’s ideas to make the most of your Christmas leftovers

Comment and analysis

  • Tim Stanley | I wouldn’t want to be young this Christmas
    The tech revolution at first felt liberating. Now it promises only control, surveillance and poverty
  • Michael Mosbacher | The woke mob has come for the Christmas tree
    Galleries and museums used to delight us with their festive decorations. Now they prefer low-grade agitprop
  • Bryony Gordon | I refuse to stop singing Christmas songs
  • Telegraph View | Our core values endure with King Charles
    Charles III delivered his first Christmas speech from St George’s Chapel at Windsor, a place of profound emotional resonance. This was where Elizabeth II sat alone during the funeral of her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh; it was where the late Queen was herself laid to rest only a few months ago.

    Our new King began by paying tribute to “my beloved mother” and acknowledging the nation’s grief, adding that Christmas is a “poignant time” for those who have lost loved ones. “We feel their absence at every familiar turn of the season and remember them in each cherished tradition.”

    His Majesty has a deep appreciation of the importance of tradition – the military, the arts, constitution and Church – and for its ability to provide ballast in times of trouble. Just knowing such things are there is a comfort.

  • Letters | Britain needs a war Cabinet to get to grips with the NHS
    the problems facing the NHS are far too great for one party to address
Here is a selection of articles we think you’ll be interested in today.
Rule-breaking ministers could be fined nearly £30,000 over jobs taken after leaving office
Get the sick back to work to end Britain’s labour crisis, Rishi Sunak told
PM should curb short-term sick absences instead of luring retirees into employment to boost economy, ex-pensions minister says

Unlock Brexit boon by ditching rule that ‘pads EU profits’, Rishi Sunak told
Conservative MPs want the Prime Minister to axe a decades-old Brussels regulation that allows brands to charge British shoppers higher prices.

They say repealing the costly law would be a quick win that would demonstrate to voters a tangible benefit from cutting ties with the bloc.


Mr Sunak has ordered a review of all EU laws remaining on the UK statute book, which will be completed by the end of next year.

By that time, all 2,400 rules inherited from Brussels will either have been copied over, amended and replaced, or scrapped altogether.

Labour has ‘gone mad’ over women’s rights, Tories warn
Labour has “gone mad” over women’s rights, a former minister has warned after it emerged Sir Keir Starmer has promised to change the law to allow trans self-identification.

Brendan Clarke-Smith, Conservative MP for Bassetlaw and former minister for children and families, said that a promise by the Labour leader to change the rules “is not about equal rights” but about “trampling over the rights of women”.

Watch: Rishi Sunak has awkward encounter at homeless shelter

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