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The Telegraph’s look at the world for the weekend of 2022 December 17-18

Good morning.

The Armed Forces are not “spare capacity” for striking workers, the chief of the defence staff has said as he cautioned against relying on the military as the “ultimate backstop” during strikes.

Headlines: Sunday’s essential news

Strikes | Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, the head of Britain’s Armed Forces, warned it would be “slightly perilous” to expect military personnel to be used routinely to cover public sector workers in the event of strikes. In an exclusive interview for The Telegraph, Adml Radakin said that while covering for striking workers would not impede forces’ operations, personnel should be allowed to get on with their day-to-day jobs.

Around the world: Top stories

News focus | ‘To Britain, it’s arrogance – to us, it’s ambition’: US reaction to Harry & Meghan

Sport briefing

Comment and analysis

  • Janet Daley | Governments have learnt that fear works
    We have returned to the world of Galileo vs the Vatican. Scientific dissidents are again silenced and ostracised for their opinions
  • Daniel Hannan | What Blair promised in the 1990s was sounder
    Politics has lurched to the Left in the past 25 years. Covid, the 2008 crash, social media and the Right’s loss of self-belief are to blame
  • Jeremy Warner | Like ancient Rome, we have debased the coinage
    There abides a sense of a nation – perhaps the entire European continent – in irreversible decline

    The rate of inflation may now have peaked, but the climb back to price stability will be long and arduous. In the meantime prices keep rising, further eating into disposable incomes. Perhaps inevitably, the year is ending in a level of industrial strife not seen in decades.Behind it all lies an abiding sense of diminished international standing and influence, of public services breaking down on multiple fronts, and of a nation – perhaps the entire European continent – in irreversible decline.
  • Telegraph View | ‘Human Rights’ rulings are causing injustices
    The European Convention’s antiquated set of treaties are too inflexible to serve the needs of a modern-day Britain
  • Letters | It’s time for Britain’s institutions to stand up for values
    Britain has been one of the most diverse and welcoming countries in the world. You can be any gender you want, eat whatever food you want, observe whichever religion you want, speak whatever language you want. Why are we allowing this small minority of unelected do-gooders and violent protesters to tell us that we must change our traditional way of life and beliefs to suit theirs?

Sunday interview

How The Snowman became a Christmas TV classic

The Snowman

Crayons, pints, kebab sticks – and a lucky spot of redecoration. The team who brought Raymond Briggs’s tale to the screen 40 years ago this year reveal their tricks to Helen Brown

Take 5: Sunday features

What gripped our readers this week

Royal brothers
Brothers at arms | How the Windsor boys went to war with each other

Gallery: Royal family pictures of the week

The Queen Consort invited children to decorate the Christmas tree at Clarence House. Also this week, she attended the annual Diplomatic Corps reception at Buckingham Palace with the King – who earlier had a conversation with a Hollywood actor. See a gallery of more pictures.
Here is a selection of articles we think you’ll be interested in today.
Moment diners flee Mayfair restaurant after sparkler sets fire to Christmas tree
We are not spare capacity for strikes, says Armed Forces head
Warning over eating salmon this Christmas amid listeria outbreak
Why you shouldn’t let your dog sleep with you to stay warm
Pictured: Prince of Wales attends ex-girlfriend’s Gloucestershire wedding

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