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Russia War Crimes document circulating in EU, opposed by ICC chief prosecutor

The European Union must indeed take responsibility and take steps to properly investigate all the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by both camps, both the Russians and Ukrainians who have retaliated against certain people and captured Russian soldiers.

It is a pity and regrettable thing that certain countries do not immediately move forward and make it clear what could not be punished by the bracket. But as with the war in ex-Yugoslavia, Europe must do everything in its power to seek out and punish the guilty. If it were ten years before those guilty could be seized and tried. But those war crimes should not be allowed to lapse trial time.

Perhaps the United States of America, along with a few other South American countries, does not want to sue Russia for the many crimes committed against humanity, because they also have more than once been guilty of such crimes (remember Guantánamo) but one cannot go through life innocently and incalculably with Vladimir Putin and the army staff as well as the soldiers who committed war crimes and crimes against the Ukrainian people.

The guilty must be punished very severely because in these times they had to know all too well what is possible or allowed and what is not.

It says a lot of the 73 states that abstained, which does not give a good impression of their leaders and indicates also the dangers those leaders would not mind doing similar war crimes when they would go to war.



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The Snapper

Recently, a draft has been going around a United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York for a Nuremberg-like tribunal to hold Russia responsible for all the war crimes it has committed in its war on Ukraine. Ever since the invasion of Ukraine began on February 24th this year under the order of Russian President Vladimir Putin, the country’s military has been accused of various war crimes such as torture and rape of women and children, deliberate civilian killings, attacks in densely populated areas, and the bombing of a Mariupol theater that happened this March in which close to 600 people were killed.

The International Criminal Court (ICC), had already begun investigating these crimes, and it was proposed by British KC Philippe Sands that a special tribunal should be made to charge Russia for all of its crimes after the investigation was complete. Moreover, just last week, European Commission President Ursula…

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