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Put Putin on trial!

It is certain, and everyone in the rest of the world should go for the assurance that Vladimir Putin and his army must be convicted of their misconduct and crimes against humanity.

Civilized countries cannot simply stand still on the sidelines and let it happen. They had to have taken drastic steps much earlier to make it clear to Russia that it was beyond its scope and went against all war treaties.



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High Plains Blogger

Vladimir Putin needs to be tried for war crimes against civilians in Ukraine … of that I am utterly certain.

The Russian goon/thug/strongman/despot/tyrant has stooped to even lower lows than I thought possible.

His military is now targeting heating infrastructure in Ukraine as the temperatures start to plummet to below-zero temperatures. Who suffers from such hideous attacks? Women, children, elderly people.

Russian propagandists insist they are targeting military operations. Bullsh**! Their aim is to bring the civilian population to its knees. It’s the only target left, given that the Ukrainian military machine is making mincemeat on the battlefield of what once was considered an invincible Russian army.

Putin is now turning his weaponry on civilians. Thus, he needs to stand trial. In absentia if need be.

There is plenty of precedent for putting war criminals on trial in absentia. The International Court needs to step in –and step up —…

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