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The Telegraph Frontpage for Saturday 2022 December 03

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been accused of taking a private photographer into Buckingham Palace without permission during their farewell tour in Britain.

Meanwhile, all eyes were on the Prince and Princess of Wales as they appeared on the green carpet at the Earthshot Prize Awards in Boston.

Headlines: Saturday’s essential news

Royals | A series of photographs have featured in Harry and Meghan’s new Netflix trailer, with one picture appearing to have been taken inside Buckingham Palace. The Telegraph understands that the presence of the photograph was the subject of a written palace complaint at the time, as aides noted that the couple had not asked permission to shoot inside the Queen’s home.

In Boston, the Prince and Princess of Wales dazzled in their appearance at the Earthshot Prize Awards, proving that while their trip has been marred by the Lady Susan Hussey racism row and the release of Harry and Meghan’s trailer, they can silence those conversations and get on with the job. Earlier, Prince William met Joe Biden, where he expressed his thanks for the “warm reception” they have received in the US.

Around the world: Top stories

  • Nuclear fuel | France accused of funding Putin’s war effort
    Greenpeace on Friday called it “scandalous” that uranium was still being bought by European companies to be used in nuclear power stations across the continent.The campaigning charity this week filmed the arrival of dozens of drums of uranium, both raw and enriched, from Russia at the northern French port of Dunkirk.

    Imports of nuclear fuel from Russia remain legal in Europe as Brussels has not been able to ban them in eight rounds of sanctions packages.

  • Warplane | US debuts B-21 stealth bomber after years of development
    America’s newest nuclear stealth bomber, with the ability to disguise itself as another object, has made its public debut after years of secret development.The B-21 Raider, which is on track to cost nearly $700 million per plane, is the first new American bomber aircraft in more than 30 years.
  • Spain | Britons to be offered huge tax breaks to work from home
    British “digital nomads” are set to be offered huge tax breaks to work from home in Spain.Madrid is planning a new visa programme that will allow people working for British companies while living in Spain to pay almost half as much tax as Spaniards.
  • New rules | Indonesia set to criminalise sex before marriage
    Indonesia is set to pass a draconian new criminal code outlawing sex outside of marriage, even among tourists, with a punishment of up to a year in prison.The draft code, which also carries stiff penalties for abortion, “black magic”, insulting the president and cohabitation before marriage, is expected to be passed by the Indonesian parliament in December.
  • US election | Biden wants to give black voters ‘louder voices’
    Joe Biden has proposed changing the 2024 Democrat primary calendar to give states with large black populations a “louder voice” in choosing the party’s candidate for president.It would mean the end of the focus on Iowa, which is overwhelmingly white, and has been the first state to kick off the process and vote since 1976.

News focus | Prince and Princess of Wales believe they have won US battle against Sussexes

Comment and analysis

Take 5: Saturday features

Stay up to date with the stories that are shaping our world. Explore our hand-picked articles below.

Five unmissable stories

‘I bought a wind turbine – now I pay £1.50 a month for energy.’
Vladimir Putin is now caught in a death spiral of his own making, asserts Jade McGlynn.
Four scams targeting older people – and how to beat them.

Age UK, one of The Daily Telegraph’s charity partners this Christmas, offers older people advice on avoiding scams and helps victims rebuild their confidence and resilience. “Falling victim can be extremely damaging to people’s health and wellbeing – we hear from people who say it’s utterly ruined their later life,” says Brooks. “Even if you can adjust to the financial loss, the emotional damage is significant: it can stop you from trusting people.”

He says there is no shame in falling for a scam. “These are sophisticated criminals. They have so many tricks and strategies to persuade people to part with their cash. That’s why it’s vital people know what scams are out there and what measures they can take to protect themselves.”

Lady Susan Hussey doesn’t deserve this vitriol,’ writes Allison Pearson.

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