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The hourglass of this world

Dear “Some View on the World” reader,


We are thankful you came to this website to read some articles. Being it only a little bit more than a year, in a way it is still a little more to find out which way we will go with this platform.


In a way, we thought we would bring an overview of the news events on a political, social, economic and spiritual level, but then it must be opposed to the fact that the articles can and will reach sufficient readers. And the latter leaves something to be desired at the moment.


Generally speaking, writers demand that their texts not only be written smoothly but also read smoothly. Each writer hopes in his innermost that several people will read his texts and that they would be estimated.


Everyone wants to have their story read.


But there is so much to find on the net, that it is very difficult to find the right material to read. Concerning newsgathering, there is also so much spread around, that we wanted to present a selection of some serious newspapers. For some months we did that but noticed not many views were gathered by those articles.


We regularly hear in the newspapers, but even more on radio and television how certain writers and presenters on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube but also on Twitter, Facebook and other social media can obtain so many thousands of followers. It is striking that it is largely “influencers” who score high peaks, where their followers often fail to notice that these are actually sponsored publications, which do not always follow the truth. It does not mean that we expect such an influx from readers here, but it should be a bit more than the 99 registered followers so far, who will hopefully read some articles now and then.


I am convinced that in addition to all those (less relevant) stories and gossip that are so appreciated on social media, we must also provide people with an offer where misleading messages and the talk of lies are exposed and where the facts are exposed, but where one can find more information, or where is also pointed out, how things are going in this world now and how we are evolving.


Fortunately, there is still much worthy journalism to be found, but we can also notice that there is only a very limited interest in it and that several people have also considered not buying such magazines because of the financial capacity, but just rely on what can be found on the internet.

In that area, I hoped that I could fill in some holes and provide some supplement with this site responding to the search for good and relevant news. Here I wanted to give writers from all sorts of background give their opinion. Presenting also reviews from newspaper, while shedding light on their political leanings, you shall be able to find that I try to accommodate opposing views on this platform. This should help in giving the ordinary citizen, relevant and up-to-date information with a comprehensive view on issues.


Concerning feasts and festivals, there are clergy that think such occasions should not be the onset of an article. Though I think such occasions might just be the right occasion to bring something to light or to show that such a traditional feast has in reality nothing to do with biblical facts. That is why you can already find some articles about the classic feasts and/or celebrations in the earlier 4000 + articles and we will talk more about it in the future.


A blogger on biblical preaching, , writes:


You shall not proclaim the season of the church year. What does this mean? Do not use the text as a point of departure for talking about Advent, Epiphany, Lent, Pentecost, All Saints, Mothers’ Day, Fishing Opener, or the Commemoration of St. NOBODY CARES! {Say It Separate From the Sermon}


And often we can have the impression he is right to think that nobody cares. But that does not mean that it would not be very important. He then mentions two occasions that are commercially very much used.


Easter and Christmas are okay to mention frequently, but do not trump the biblical text with the liturgical day. Let the rest of the liturgy be the place where the movements of the liturgical season shape the community of faith. I am not against the liturgical year. In fact I fully embrace it. But preach the text! If the preacher constantly refers to the liturgical season, the season becomes the de facto text for the sermon. That is not biblical preaching. {Say It Separate From the Sermon}


He has a point for the text for a sermon, that there the attention must be given to the message of the Scripture. But outside the church, we must point the way to God’s Word and to the role man has to play in God’s Plan. On a site like this one, I wanted to place the actual happenings, be it civil events but also religious events, in the picture. People often have forgotten where things come from or why certain things are repeated so often. Many people also forget what impact things, they might do, have on our world or shall have a big influence on us in the future.


One of those things that are so overlooked by many is the wise warmth we deal with our earth. There are enough reasons therefore to tackle that aspect on this blog. People must become aware that the climate crisis undoubtedly is the defining crisis of our era, implementing the emergency people should come to see and not to wait before taking action. Amid global pandemics and the threat of nuclear war, it remains the overwhelming long-term threat to our planet – and to the health and security of every living being on Earth.


The point is to gain the necessary knowledge of what is happening in the world, and to find out where we fit into that picture, and how we can deal with, it or be able to do something about things that seem to go wrong. The Divine Maker of the Universe, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah, at the beginning of mankind gave the advice to mankind to search for true knowledge and to take care of nature, that He gave us in our hands to govern (= to take care of).


We know now, more clearly than ever, that many of the most urgent global crises – food security, energy, land conflict, public health, migration, equality, gender and race – all intersect with, and are made worse by, the climate emergency.


For us, as conscious people, it is impossible for us to stand still on the sidelines. Aware of what politicians and the big bosses of the multinationals carry out, we must respond and ring the bell. We must break the silence and let the words clump so that even more people will become aware of the need to act now.


One of the serious newspapers that dare to say how it is, the Guardian has pledged to report on the climate emergency – and its fallout – with quality, fact-checked journalism from their reporters around the world.

They, like me, started already preparing review articles on 2022. They also noticed some dark clouds, which should get us to think and act.


After the Corona period which nailed several people to their homes, there was a worse danger many people made to flee from their homes. Many Ukrainians took refuge in the countries of the European Union where several people tried their best to receive them as best they could.

Though, we also came to see even more weather refugees. Since 2020, it is more common for people to flee because it has become unlivable in their country due to the climatic conditions.  2022 brought millions on their feet, having been driven from their homes by flood, fire or drought, while food and energy shortages are becoming acute in many regions.


The current war in Ukraine is also contributing, because insufficient Ukrainian grains can be exported, making it a huge shortage of affordable grains, especially in many African countries, resulting in a high famine. During the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian troops in the occupied regions of Ukraine have also systematically stolen grain and other products from local farmers. Some of the stolen grain is laundered through transfers and by mixing it with legitimate goods.


Increasingly, extreme weather events are being caused by climate breakdown. The Guardian’s global team of environment reporters have covered the events – and their impact – around the world, around the clock. In the past year, they published almost 4,000 articles on the climate crisis, read by more than 65 million people, not to mention podcasts, live events and masterclasses.


Some of the pieces that stood out included: A Guardian investigation into “carbon bombs“, the vast oil and gas projects planned which, if fully developed, would each unleash more than a billion tonnes of CO2 emissions; a look at the various scenarios that could result from global temperatures rises; and a close look at the devastation wreaked by Pakistan’s floods – an example of why the country is being called ‘climate crisis ground zero’.


Of course, in the hyper-connected digital era, it’s possible to get these stories out to huge audiences. Though it is not because there would be also a huge information era in that digital era, because in the last few years there has gone on a lot of disinformation by such computer networks. We only can hope more people are coming to read such articles which unravel the truth and are willing to talk about those disasters that take place in our time.


We might be placing several articles on climate on this website only from our start, end 2021, but the Guardian has been banging the climate drum for decades – long before other news organisations had cottoned onto the severity of threats posed by industry, manufacture, and pollution – and the attempts to cover it up. If you don’t believe me, read their timeline, showing Guardian reporting on global heating dating back as far as 1890.


In 2019, the Guardian made a pledge in service of the planet. They declared that the escalating climate crisis was the defining issue of our lifetime, and that quality, trustworthy reporting on the environment was a vital tool to confront it. They promised to provide journalism that showed leadership, urgency, authority and give the climate emergency the sustained attention and prominence it demanded. We from our site of the West European continent also resolved to do everything possible to show what goes wrong in this world. To this end, we hope that readers who come here, shall appreciate our writings and shall take the necessary steps to help to share these articles with others. (Notice here below the possibility to share our articles via social platforms.)


For the moment I am still figuring out how I can develop this platform as effectively as possible into a reliable platform that readers recognise that it is built entirely independently without giving in to certain companies.
In case you have some idea how further to construct this site so that there is a balanced news provision in the various areas that should concern us, you are always welcome to let us know.



Meanwhile, I kindly invite you to accompany me to 2022 and enjoy the news brought here, but to think about it too.






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Published by Marcus Ampe

Retired dancer, choreographer, choreologist Founder of the Dance impresario office and archive: Danscontact-Dansarchief plus the Association for Bible scholars, the Lifestyle magazines "Stepping Toes" and "From Guestwriters" and creator of the site "Messiah for all". - Gepensioneerd danser, choreograaf, choreoloog. Stichter van Danscontact-Dansarchief plus van de Vereniging voor Bijbelvorsers, de Lifestyle magazines "Stepping Toes" en "From Guestwriters" en maker van de site "Messiah for all".

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