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Weekly highlights for the weekend of 2022 November 26-27

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Stay up to date with the stories that are shaping our world. Explore our hand-picked articles below.

Troubles shooting | A former soldier has been found guilty of killing a man at an army checkpoint in Northern Ireland more than 30 years ago. Aidan McAnespie, 23, was shot in the back after walking past border security in Co Tyrone in February 1988. David Holden, 53, claimed he fired the weapon by accident as his hands were wet. He was found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence – the first veteran convicted of a historical offence in Northern Ireland since the Good Friday Agreement.

Five unmissable stories

Princess of Wales: Not enough is being done to help the next generation.

The Telegraph has published a detailed analysis of the sector, detailing the challenges it faces and how the Princess’s own Centre for Early Childhood is working to improve the lives of young children and those who care for them.

It follows research compiled by the centre highlighting a widespread lack of understanding about the importance of children’s earliest years in their development.

Experts now argue that early intervention is the key to improving life outcomes for all, with one study by the London School of Economics estimating that it costs £16 billion to remedy long-term mental and physical health issues that may have been avoided through intervention in childhood.

The Princess, under her former title of Duchess of Cambridge, has already undertaken a series of campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of early childhood, with a regular programme of engagements designed to boost the sector.

My local GP tool: Check NHS appointment delays and face-to-face availability. Use our interactive search to see how your practice is performing against others in your area.
Lord Frost: Remainers are softening us up to rejoin the EU.

Dismissive of public opinion they may be, but the die-hard Remainers still aren’t dense enough to mount a full-on rejoin campaign. Instead it will happen bit by bit.


The benefits of Brexit are in running our economy to suit us. In the long run they will be much bigger. True, perhaps we haven’t made a great start. But look through the noise, and remember that leaving the EU is about freedom, self-government, and democracy. And kicking the rascals out if they don’t deliver.

Who is the most annoying pundit at the World Cup? We rate the retired footballers who are falling over themselves to show how right-on they are.
The popular city breaks where prices have soared – and those that remain affordable.

Other stories

Editor’s choice

Shopping high streets
Retail therapy | Britain’s 15 best high streets – where shopping is a pleasure
Matilda the Musical, review | ‘Thompson’s Trunchbull will make you belly laugh’
In keeping with its well-read young heroine, Roald Dahl’s novel Matilda felt like a library squeezed into one bulging volume.
Emma Thompson’s performance as this all-time-great villain is a masterclass in caricature. The laser-like glare, the unstoppable bosom-first stride, the one eye that twitches uncontrollably at moments of high tension – every gesture and line delivery feels honed to elicit as many shivers as belly laughs.

Interiors | Inherited hideous wallpaper? Here are five ways to fix your problem



The Telegraph Frontpage for Saturday 2022 November 26


Additional reading

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  2. Tackling climate change can be a driver for growth and jobs
  3. Teach children the Bible

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