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The Telegraph Frontpage for Saturday 2022 November 26

Princess of Wales
Good evening.

The Princess of Wales has spoken exclusively to the Telegraph about her mission to protect the next generation.

Royal editor Hannah Furness explores why children under-five need our attention like never before.

The Princess of Wales today warns that “not enough is being done” to nurture Britain’s youngest children, as she vows to use her role to do “everything she can” to protect the next generation.

Setting out her mission for the next stage of her life in the Royal family, she speaks of the critical importance of building a “safe and loving world around a child”.

By focusing on the “unique importance” of the first five years of life, she says, it is possible to “create a healthier and happier society for future generations”.

In the article she says she is determined to “shine a light” on the “crucial” early years.

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Comment and analysis

  • Camilla Tominey | This is the beginning of the end of Nicola Sturgeon
    Seemingly unaware of the irony of championing the democratic will of a minority of Scots, while campaigning to reverse a majority decision by the British people to leave the EU, she accused the UK Government of “democracy denial”. The SNP will launch and mobilise a major campaign in defence of Scottish democracy, she declared, in arguably one of the most self-indulgent displays by a politician in recent memory.
  • Juliet Samuel | The perils of scientists turning into campaigners
    In fact, as our economy becomes more and more specialised and society becomes saturated with advanced technology, the influence of technical experts grows ever greater. Thus, the likelihood of policy errors based on flawed science grows and with it grows the stock of vested interests and people with reputations staked on mistakes. This, in turn, provides a convenient supply of “experts”, often compromised, for use by politicians and bureaucrats.
  • Simon Clarke | Embracing onshore wind is an economic no-brainer
    Onshore wind is now among the most popular and cheapest sources of homegrown power. Yet it is almost impossible to build a new onshore wind farm in England. Under current planning rules, the objection of just a single resident can stop development in its tracks, leaving us all paying more for our electricity each month.
  • Telegraph View | Fundamental NHS reform is now avoidable
    There was always something perverse about the lockdown slogan: “Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives.” The NHS is surely meant to be there to protect us. Yet in the decades since it was founded, the relationship between the nation and its health service has slowly been upended. Instead of the NHS moulding itself to meet the needs of the people, the public has increasingly been required to accommodate the failings of the NHS.
  • Letters | Confusing energy bills will make it harder to budget

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NHS crisis
NHS crisis | Allison Pearson’s 10-point plan to reform the broken system
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Teach children the Bible


Additional article

  1. What’s inside matters..
  2. Teach children the Bible (Our World)

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