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2022 towards its end

It seems like 2022 is only a few months away, but 11 months have already passed. In those months, the world faced some hot moments, with an upcoming Third World War lurking behind the door. Fortunately, most politicians were smart enough to keep away from red buttons and not jump in too quickly on the challenges that three nations brought before the world.

Even though Putin claimed on high and low that he would not invade Ukraine, he still let his troops from Belarus and through the Russian land border devil Ukraine with ground troops and air defences. The whole year was in a way dominated by that war, which also created drastic economic consequences not only for Europe but for much of the world.

An ongoing series of protests and civil unrest against the government of Iran began in Tehran on 16 September 2022 as a reaction to the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini (Persian: مهسا امینی), who had been arrested by the Guidance Patrol for wearing an “improper” hijab —i n violation of Iran’s mandatory hijab law — while visiting Tehran from Saqqez. According to eyewitnesses, Amini had been severely beaten by Guidance Patrol officers, an assertion denied by Iranian authorities.

For a few years, the Coronavirus had gripped the world and killed a lot of people, but now there was nonsensical gunfire that brought many deaths and a lot of suffering and displacement. Curiously, suddenly everyone seemed not to be talking about the war in Syria and the difficulties in Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. Except that the latter country did get attention last month for the women’s uprising that could possibly degenerate from a Mahsa Amini protests into an Iranian revolution, bringing more changes than the Iranian revolution of 1978-79.

Annual review

This week, I started preparing to bring annual reviews to my personal site. Among other things, I look at the possible threat of war that also hangs further over our heads.

Contributing to such danger are Russia, China and North Korea. So I report on this on my personal site in the articles “Entering the last month of the year 2022” (to be published on December 1), “2022 the year of fearing some wars” (scheduled for publication on 3 December) and “Going to the end of 2022 having to see an ongoing invasion” (scheduled for 6 December) as well as in the political review of the year 2022.

But crossing the year, I couldn’t help but look at this new site as well. To this end, I bring “Entering the last month of the year 2022” on 1 December, pointing out that there are a lot of things that may have passed us by during 2022 while other things were crying out for attention.

Changes in old sites

20202021 was allowed to be a year of much change on the internet for many. Notable in this was also that visual culture was able to gain more and more attention, even to the extent that moving images took precedence over still images or plain pictures. For instance, Instagram and YouTube were almost cornered by the ever-growing popularity of TikTok.

Furthermore, during this period Google, with Blogger, Blogspot and Google Sites, brought such changes that if their users wanted to continue using it, they were obliged to make a lot of adjustments, which took a lot of time.
Because the Google Sites old form could not automatically transfer to the new form of Google Sites, I had to manually renew my old sites, which, for the Belgian Christadelphian site, triggered a split into four different languages (Dutch, French, German and English), plus an additional new site “Christadelphia – City of Christ“.

Years of deceit

After a year of much deceit in the world, with the biggest liars being Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and a lot of anti-vaxers, there was a lot of ‘tumult’ or commotion and hullabaloo, and on social media it all went wild. Reason enough to opt for serious newsgathering and news spreading.

Truly conscious people might always wonder how what they hear and see would be in accordance with what really happens. In such way I too belong to those who question everything they see and hear. This perhaps makes me a difficult person to live with or to cope with.
Because the last few years, there were more people enjoying all the gossip talk on social media instead of listening to or watching serious news stories. One could wonder how many would like to see the truth in the mainstream but also see the faults in the mainstream. More and more, since 2015-16 it became more difficult to come to hear the real facts, being confronted by such a load of fake news.

A news website

With so much false information being sent into the world, I wondered if it would not be good to still provide a channel where such misreporting could be debunked. It seemed as if a media illiteracy was beginning to emerge where young people did not pay attention to the truth at all, but preferred to watch shocking images and jokes to pass the day on their apps. All sorts of conspiracy theories were spread on social media that many were only too happy to believe and take for true. Few, however, took the time to go after the truth.  All that scattered gossip and false reporting seemed to win out over newspapers and television channels that seriously wished to present proper coverage of the event. One would think that most people would have an eye for the true facts, instead of going along with all those who did violence to the truth. But many lies seemed more entertaining than the hard truth.

One might say that the world has become more convenient for many. Today, we all have luxury gadgets that (we think) make life easier. In industrialised countries, people can get information about the world while sitting in a chair in their house, car, bus or anywhere else. It looks great and seems to feel good for many. Though not enough people or willing to check all the information that comes on their way.

Christadelphian World 11 Nov 2013

Being afraid that lots of people become misguided by those social media, and knowing that not everybody has enough money to buy themselves a good news service, I further developed the idea I had started earlier with Christadelphian World, on which I tried to bring the news into the light of Biblical fact several years ago.

That website had already undergone a name change (to “Our World“) and with the difficulties in the Blogger system, the reports had been greatly reduced in the past two years. In the end, like many other bloggers on Blogger, I chose to say goodbye to that system and transfered the existing postings to the WordPress system, where you can now regularly find new messages here.

International newspapers on sale in Paris, France

Plagued by the noise of fake news every day, I wanted to bring a platform where daily a review of what happened could be found by those interested in what really happened in the world. Actually, like some serious newspapers and news channels, I had hoped to uncover the facts. To this end, I also wanted to give my readers important insights from multiple points of view and present several newspaper reports of some important European and American newspapers and weekly newspapers.

Investing work

Presenting a daily review of some of the highlights of the day I hoped I could captivate my readers in a way. Though now after some months of having this new form of website I have some serious doubts if all the work invested in this website does yield enough or can offer some extra value.

Whilst I may notice by a lot of youngsters that the truth is becoming more and more invisible, because they resort to some applications on their smartphones, believing that with those short messages there, they are sufficiently informed to continue their daily lives reassured.

The ones who enjoy twisting the truth and playing fake news are also those who call people to react against the mainstream system and are trying to justify their aggression, violence, and major crime.

That is why I thought it was important to further ensure the peace message through this platform and to further convey the Biblical message. Likewise, I hoped to clarify how the whole world events happen(ed) in the context of Biblical prophecies, which give us a clear image of the future.

Viewing figures

When I transfered my previous postings from the Blogpost site “Our World” to the WordPress site with a new name, on October 1, 2021, 4,105 articles were listed as published, but somehow also 139 articles in the queue ( if “ draft ” or “ draft ” ) mentioned. Unfortunately, when transferring to WordPress, the labels were not converted into accessible tags, which means that readers cannot find those previously posted articles by subject. They can still have them searched via the “search”, on the theme they want to know more about.

In the few months that this website was on the net under the new name, I was able to receive 1,139 visitors for 2,036 viewings, which ultimately did not seem bad for a start. For 2022 so far I can count on 3,335 visitors who realised 6,159 viewings. On my personal site “ Marcus Ampe’s Space ” where a lot fewer articles are placed, I was able to welcome 2,529 readers this year (until yesterday), which brought 4,105 viewings. There, the home page already obtained 25,510 viewings over the years and the top runner (could be paired on February 21, 2012 ) “The Y generation in conflict with itself” until today November 24, 2022 will be read 1,271 times.

When I look at those figures in this way, they do not really satisfy me. They even leave me a bit sad. For the entire time until today November 24, 2022, the home page on “ Some View on the World ” had only 838 viewings. Further articles on this site were subsequently given the following attention:

    1. Vierders van een geboorte van een god 130
    2. Editor 91
    3. Russian forces fired at Europe’s largest Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant 91
    4. Gang Fascism: How Capital Weaponizes the Social Ills It Creates 88
    5. US insight from the Independent for the first week of March 2022 80
    6. Redacteur 76
    7. Doden spreken niet 73
    8. Publisher’s faith and hope – My expectations – What I would like 58
    9. Hope For, But Not In, Evangelicalism 57
    10. Aims 56
    11. December a joyful time for many 54
    12. Problems with church counseling for gay people 52
    13. Some regrettable black spots during funeral procession 52
    14. Presenting views from different sources 51
    15. Messages leading to an earthly utopia  48
    16. Shall Biblestudents in Belgium be able to celebrate their 200th birthday 48
    17. War against deconstruction Christian movement 47
    18. After 2,000 UK Church Buildings Close, New Church Plants Get Creative 47

To get to 19th place with

“Uitgever zijn geloof en hoop – Mijn verwachtingspatroon – Wat ik fijn zou vinden” “ (Publisher his faith and hope – My expectations – What I would like) with only 46 viewings in those 12 months.

Really not very much!

If one notices that a large part does get only to the 20 viewings, but no further, that should not please us, because for me that seems very little to all that work that has been put into writing for publishing those articles.

Each writer would like to see what he has written finds multiple readers.
Like every writer, I also hope that what I have penned will find a reader’s eye. I don’t exactly write to fill up my own diary. Here it is a hole to inform others. I hope that others can be informed.

Regarding the news reports, it is completely daunting to see what the ratings are there:

    1. Composted reads for the 3rd week of May 2022 11
    2. Bloomberg’s headlights for weekend of 2022 June 11 11
    3. Ukraine’s week of 2022 March 21-27 in view 10
    4. Weekly World Watch March 13 – 19, 2022 9
    5. Stories to read in the week of 2022 May 12 – 18 8
    6. 2022 Political hotchpotch 7
    7. Grootste obligatiecrash van de afgelopen vijftig jaar 7
    8. Stories to read in the week of 2022 May 05-11 7
    9. People in Ukraine standing up to Russian troops – BBC News 7
    10. Fourth wave of COVID-19 a pandemic of the unvaccinated 7
    11. Lithuania declared a state of emergency over the security threat 7
    12. Putin speaks plainly – and the West is speechless 7
    13. Composted reads at the end of March 2022 7
    14. The Independent from July 04 – July 10 6
    15. The Week from June the 22nd to 26th 6
    16. Andy Walton’s Weekly World Watch for October 3 – 9, 2021 6
    17. The Telegraph’s view 2022 March 21-27 6
    18. 2000–2021 was the driest 22-yr period since at least 800 for southwestern North America 6
    19. The Telegraph looking at the last week of February 2022 6
    20. The Upside from the Guardian for July 24 6
    21. Een dringend bericht uit Oekraïne 6
    22. New coronavirus measures having come into force 6
    23. “Enige Kijk op de wereld” om kerk te doen groeien door getuigenis 6 viewings for the period of publication until November 24, 2022

As you will notice, there are not many Dutch articles among those articles that received more than 5 viewings. But what is striking about the daily news overviews is that the majority of them have only led to a maximum of 2 viewings according to the statistics, which is extremely little, and makes me wonder if all that work to post that short content of those newspaper articles still makes sense. Know that the publishers such as Danny Boyle, Chris Evans, the Guardian newsletters team, write the introduction with the newspaper publishers and only indicate the headings on which I, reading the newspapers, place an introductory or chose a special part of the article to be included. This is then published under “Guestwriters“ or ““, which should make the viewer understand that there are several writers behind such an article.

Now I wonder if there is enough interest to draw people with new (news) messages. And should I not return to offer more church news in the future, as I did before at “Christadelphian World” and bring religious subjects back in the picture, while I will have a little more time to post further articles to my ecclesiastical websites that I now have in this period of attack from this site have neglected; “Christadelphian Ecclesia Brussel-Leuven“, the “Brethren in Christ” of “Broeders in Christus” WordPress site and the more recent “Belgische Broeders in Christus” in addition to the many other sites that could have safely earned some more articles this year.

I am very curious to see what the visitors of this site and readers expect to see on this platform. To find out where to go steer at or have to target at for next year, I would really appreciate it if you, dear reader, would give me your impression. By getting more reactions I can imagine what you as a reader would like or what really interests the visiters of this site or what they would prefer to know about or see.

I wonder how many readers will read this article. If you have read it, please also let us know at the bottom with a “reaction”. I would also like to find out what my readers are looking for or what they would like to read more (or less). If I learned the desire of my visitors, I could also respond to them.

Therefore I would appreciate it if you would not mind to ‘give a sign’ at the reaction box (Feel free to react – Voel vrij om te reageren).

In any case, I will again go over this month how I will continue with this rejuvenated sprout in 2023, and whether I will give her a good pruning, to let newer and eye-catching items bloom open.

Wishing you a lot of reading pleasure,

Yours truly

Marcus Ampe


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To remember and to keep in front of the eyes

Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief

Published by Marcus Ampe

Retired dancer, choreographer, choreologist Founder of the Dance impresario office and archive: Danscontact-Dansarchief plus the Association for Bible scholars, the Lifestyle magazines "Stepping Toes" and "From Guestwriters" and creator of the site "Messiah for all". - Gepensioneerd danser, choreograaf, choreoloog. Stichter van Danscontact-Dansarchief plus van de Vereniging voor Bijbelvorsers, de Lifestyle magazines "Stepping Toes" en "From Guestwriters" en maker van de site "Messiah for all".

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