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The Telegraph for the weekend of 2022 November 19-20

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The British Prime Minister has disclosed that his wife and daughters are his ’emotional motivation’ for a tough stance on crime – as further details emerge of the UK’s rising tax burden.

Headlines: Saturday’s essential news

Law and order | Rishi Sunak has revealed his concerns about the safety of women on the streets of Britain. Discussing his approach to crime for the first time since he entered No 10, the Prime Minister told reporters he was influenced by “emotional” motivations such as the safety of his wife and two young daughters. It came as it emerged a sexual predator murdered an aspiring lawyer as she walked home hours after police tried to arrest him for breaching the terms of his prison release.

Around the world: Top stories

  • China | Alarm bells ring as Sunak ‘cosying up’ to President Xi
    Asked, while flying to Bali for the G20 summit if he intended to label Beijing a “systemic threat”, as the ultra-hawkish Liz Truss had planned to, the Prime Minister responded: “My view on China is straightforward. I think that China unequivocally poses a systemic threat – well, a systemic challenge – to our values, and our interests, and is undoubtedly the biggest state-based threat to our economic security, let me put it that way. That’s how I think about China.”That response – using the term threat, taking it back, before using it again – left China hawks in the Conservative Party, already despondent at Mr Sunak’s apparent change in direction, bemused.
  • US | Republicans vow to investigate Joe Biden and his family
    Senior US Republicans have said that launching an investigation into the business dealings of Joe Biden and his son is a “top priority”.Having taken control of the House of Representatives following the midterm elections, the party is gearing up to subpoena Mr Biden’s son, Hunter, over his business activities, which could see him forced to testify under oath.”This committee will evaluate the status of Joe Biden’s relationship with his family’s foreign partners and whether he is a president who is compromised or swayed by foreign dollars and influence,” said Representative James Comer, a Kentucky Republican, who is expected to become chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee.
  • Ukraine war | Hunting Russian collaborators in Kherson
    One plucky resident is risking life and limb to track the troops setting up a puppet government in his region – here is his story
  • Theranos | Founder jailed for more than 11 years for fraud
    Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has been sentenced to more than 11 years in prison for defrauding investors out of millions – closing a key chapter to one of the biggest scandals in Silicon Valley’s history.Ms Holmes was found guilty on four counts of fraud and conspiracy in January this year. The US Probation Office said that investor losses totalled to more than $550m, the prosecution however was seeking for $804m.
  • Twitter | Risk of meltdown as Elon Musk locks the doors

    Twitter was at growing risk of a meltdown on Friday night, experts warned, as as many as 1,000 staff quit and Elon Musk locked the doors to the company’s office.

    The exodus is thought to have included some of Twitter’s most important engineers and coincided with a sharp rise in reported problems with its website, leading to questions about whether the service would stop working entirely.

    Mr Musk announced on Friday that the company’s headquarters in San Francisco would be locked until Monday morning, without an explanation.

News focus | Bed-blocking is a deadly crisis for patients and the NHS – so what’s the cure?
While thousands are stuck on waiting lists desperate to go to hospital, increasing numbers suffer the opposite fate… they can’t get out

Comment and analysis

  • Charles Moore | Putin’s only hope now is to terrify the West
    It is bizarre that calls for peace talks pick up every time Kyiv shows its ability to take back territory from the Russians
    Jeremy Hunt briefly explained. Inflation had begun largely as a response to Covid-19, he said. Then it had been “worsened by a ‘Made in Russia’ energy crisis”. Because of Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, wholesale gas and electricity prices have risen “to eight times their historic average”.
  • Juliet Samuel | Failed model condemns workers to penury
    in the face of ageing pressures and rising borrowing costs, Mr Hunt doubled down on Britain’s failed model. He put more money into pensions, benefits and old-age care, cut investment and quietly told the forecasters that the Government would be importing more workers from abroad to pay for it all through their taxes. The “triple lock”, which guarantees that the state pension will rise by inflation even as the rest of the country is squeezed by rising prices, was kept firmly in place.
  • Camilla Tominey | This isn’t sound money. It’s socialismThere is nothing conservative about balancing the books on the backs of strivers, or labelling dividends ‘unearned’There is a new word doing the rounds to describe the Tories after Jeremy Hunt’s £55 billion tax-and-spend Autumn Statement and it doesn’t make for very comfortable reading. “Consocialists” was a term first coined by Reform leader Richard Tice to sum up the once-Thatcherite party’s lurch to the Left, but after Thursday’s unprecedented tax grab, it has now entered the general Westminster lexicon.
  • Telegraph View | The Tories must grasp the nettle of reform
    ‘Middle England is set for a shock.” So runs the Institute for Fiscal Studies’ bleak assessment of the Autumn Statement. The bare facts are dismal. Borrowing is high, debt is high, tax is high yet public services are creaking. Forecasts suggest that servicing the national debt will soon cost £100 billion a year, more than twice the defence budget. Meanwhile, over time the tax burden will rise by a massive 4 per cent of GDP. Those on middle incomes will feel the pain most sharply, as they are dragged into higher tax bands. Living standards are set to crash, with wages lagging inflation and household disposable income falling by 7 per cent in the next two years.
  • Letters | Beneficiaries of Hunt’s plan know it penalises aspiration

Take 5: Saturday features

On Sunday

Nadhim Zahawi has said the Conservatives still want to cut taxes before the next election as anger continues to grow from party members over the Autumn Statement.

The Tory chairman has been tasked with winning the next general election and admits there have been “real problems with discipline” in his party.

Sunday’s essential news

Politics | Nadhim Zahawi has spoken out after Conservative MPs attacked Jeremy Hunt‘s Autumn Statement, dubbing it the “economics of a madhouse” that has made the party “more Labour than Labour”. Asked whether he hoped the Conservatives would look to reduce taxes again before the next election, Mr Zahawi said Mr Hunt would prioritise easing the tax burden once inflation fell. The Tory chairman has got one of the hardest jobs in politics, as he stares down the barrel of a 24-point Labour poll lead.

Around the world: Top stories

Comment and analysis

Take 5: Sunday features

What gripped our readers this week

Stroke advice
Health advice | ‘I had a stroke when I was 64 – here’s what I wish I had known before’
Christina Strutt
Interview | Christina Strutt: ‘I threw a party to celebrate my own death’

Some unmissable stories

Here are 10 ways to beat the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement tax grab.

Forget the new Twitter chief’s all-or-nothing ultimatum for his staff, ‘not even Elon Musk could make lazy Brits commit to ‘hardcore’ working hours’ says Judith Woods.

Gallery: Royal family pictures of the week

In an image released for his 74th birthday, the King stands beside an ancient oak tree in Windsor Great Park to mark his appointment as Ranger of the Park. In other royal events this week, the Prince of Wales wished the England football team good luck – and the Countess of Wessex sat behind the wheel of a JCB. See our gallery of pictures.

Here is a selection of articles we think you’ll be interested in today.

Hunting Russian collaborators in Kherson with the soldier who knows all the secrets
Two famous Brian Coxes struggle to check in to BBC hotel
Multi-millionaire accused of endangering remote Scottish isle’s fragile water supply
Zara Aleena: Career criminal Jordan McSweeney admits murdering newly trained lawyer
Tourist hotspots set to double council tax for second home owners
MPs brand Hindu activist ‘divisive’ as tensions brew around Leicester protest
Climate protester who confronted David Attenborough in Michelin-starred restaurant arrested
Migrant housed at Manston detention centre dies
Hospitals with worst records for hip operations revealed
Oxford to ‘decolonise’ computing degree and emphasise slavery links

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