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Ukrainian flags fly over Kherson again

Following a remarkable change in fortunes, Volodymyr Zelensky‘s forces after they had seen the Russian troops departing Kherson, re-entered the city in the most important victory for Ukraine since its defence of Kyiv in March. Locals in previously occupied areas were seen pulling down Russian propaganda posters and billboards, including “Russia here forever” and warmly welcoming the Ukrainian troops, chanting “Slava do ZSU” (glory to the Ukrainian Armed Forces).

Despite announcing it had withdrawn all its troops and equipment from the city in the early hours of November the 11th, the Kremlin insisted Kherson was still part of Russia.

Though we could say that Russia’s retreat from the southern city marked the close of one of the most hard-fought battles of the war so far, we should not be too enthusiastic. This might well be a major defeat for Vladimir Putin, who just two months ago announced the annexation of Kherson, but he shall not be willing to give in.

In a video message, President Volodymyr Zelensky said more than 400 Russian war crimes cases have already been documented as police continue finding the bodies of civilians and soldiers.

Provincial officials advise people to still be very careful because there are landmines in several places but also booby traps laid by the Russians. Though Mykolaiv Oblast Governor Vitaliy Kim called on businesses and construction workers to return home to rebuild the region now that Russian troops have withdrawn from nearby southern territories.

But people have to know that the Russians are not giving up, and yesterday the Ukrainians had to hear about Russia firing around 100 missiles at Ukraine, the largest mass attack on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure since the start of the war. By shelling those energy facilities, Russia hopes to bring the Ukrainians to their knees due to the darkness, and inability to heat themselves, especially now that winter can bring very cold days. Now there were already places where it was -11° C.

Ukraine repeated that it is counting on prompt receipt of assistance from partners for the restoration of damaged infrastructure and stable electricity supply.

When giving a video conference at the G20 summit almost 100 Russian missiles hit Ukraine. Burnt residential buildings. Destroyed power plants again. Hundreds of cities were left without electricity, water and heat. Internet traffic has fallen by two-thirds – imagine the scale.

Unfortunately, there are human casualties. And not only in Ukraine this time! Russian missiles hit the territory of neighbouring Poland yesterday, which is a very worrying situation. Because that means a bomb fell in a Nato country.


Read more about what happened in the previous days in Ukraine: Southern Ukrainian city Kherson back in the hands of Ukraine



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