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The Telegraph Frontpage for 2022 November 15

Firefighters work to put out a blaze on a burning block in Kyiv
Danny Boyle By Danny Boyle
Good evening.

In the middle of the G20 summit of world leaders, a barrage of missiles today hit cities across Ukraine – sparking mass power outages and blazes, such as on a Kyiv apartment block above.

Evening briefing: Today’s essential headlines

The big story: ‘Massive’ missile attacks in Ukraine

As world leaders gather at the G20 summit to discuss Russia’s war in Ukraine, a barrage of missiles was launched. Just hours after President Volodymyr Zelensky told the gathering in Bali that “now is the time” to end the war and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called for an end to the “barbaric” conflict, the Kremlin pounded cities and energy facilities in a fresh wave of strikes. A Ukrainian air force spokesman said Russia fired around 100 missiles in a countrywide assault. Follow the latest in our live blog, as officials said the fresh bombardment struck residential buildings in Kyiv and prompted mass power outages. In the capital, at least one person was killed. Lviv in the west and Kharkiv in the east were also attacked. Kyrylo Tymoshenko, the deputy head of the president’s office, distributed footage showing a blaze at a Soviet-era, five-storey residential building. Sherelle Jacobs argues in her latest column that the West declared total victory over Vladimir Putin far too soon.

Meanwhile, the White House insisted US president Joe Biden does not have Covid – despite being in close contact with the Cambodian prime minister, who has since tested positive, coughing and spluttering his way through a press conference and pulling out of the G20 gala dinner this evening. As Jamie Johnson reports, Mr Biden also shook hands and sat down with Xi Jinping, the Chinese president, who has been reluctant to leave China over fears he may catch the virus. Neither man was wearing a mask. It came as Mr Xi warned the G20 against the “weaponisation” of food and energy, in a possible veiled criticism of Russia’s invasion.

Russian soldiers fled naked

A group of Russian soldiers ditched their weapons and gear to swim naked across the Dnipro River during Moscow’s retreat from the city of Kherson. Ukraine’s defence ministry released a video showing Ukrainian troops patrolling along a river bank – to find it littered with the belongings of Kremlin soldiers, who left all their equipment behind as they fled without clothes. After a long hibernation under Russian control, Kherson is nervously embracing a new dawn. Colin Freeman has our dispatch, in which he reports how locals are slowly adapting to months under Kremlin command and do not know who to trust.

The Ukrainian master chef

To meet President Zelensky in Kyiv, dignitaries must take a gruelling 10-hour sleeper train. With air space closed and road travel too risky, guests hunker down for a 400-mile night journey on the Soviet-built railway from Poland’s border. For politicians used to luxury air travel, it does not sound like the most relaxing of journeys. But they do have the nation’s best cuisine at their disposal. Meet top chef Ievgen Klopotenko, who has been wooing world leaders with his exceptional on-board cuisine.

Comment and analysis

World news: South Korean first lady in ‘poverty porn’

South Korea’s first lady has been accused of mimicking Audrey Hepburn and using a sick child in Cambodia as “poverty porn” for her own image. Photos of Kim Keon-hee holding a gaunt young boy with a heart condition and comforting his family were released by the presidential office. One picture of Ms Kim wearing a short-sleeved black shirt and white trousers while carrying the boy in her arms was compared to a shot of Ms Hepburn in Somalia in 1992, when she held onto a starving child at a UNICEF feeding centre and stared into the distance.

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Business briefing: ‘1m hit’ by crypto collapse

More than 1 million people may have lost money from the collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX, bankruptcy filings have revealed. The digital coin exchange, which a little over a week ago was valued at $32bn (£27bn), imploded last week after experiencing a surge in withdrawals it was unable to fulfil. Meanwhile, Barclays will pay mortgage borrowers £2,000 to install a heat pump, as it warned the majority of households cannot afford to make their homes more energy efficient.

Tonight starts now

Bake Off burnout? | The Great British Bake Off final is here, and the three remaining contestants – Syabira, Abdul and Sandro – are tasked with making a scrumptious picnic for the Signature, a classic summer bake for the Technical and, for the final Showstopper, a bake that celebrates our planet. Read more about tonight’s show. Not everyone is blown away by this year’s series. Food writer Xanthe Clay thinks this year’s series has failed to rise to the occasion. She describes how it has descended into an Eton mess – and wonders how long it can survive.

Three things for you

And finally… for this evening’s downtime

Who were the ‘fasting girls’? | Florence Pugh’s new film, The Wonder, is inspired by the stories of girls who claimed to live on air alone. Were they frauds – or genuine miracles? Stephen Wade goes in search of the disturbing truth behind The Wonder.

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