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The Telegraph Frontpage for 2022 November 14

Noticed this was not published in the morning of November the 14th

So, later than anticipated, still for perusal and addition of continuing news.

Murray cartoon
Danny Boyle By Danny Boyle
Rishi Sunak is arriving in Bali today for one of his first outings on the global stage since taking office. The Prime Minister has written for us – as his Chancellor prepares a new tax raid.

PM attacks Putin’s failure to attend G20 summit

Rishi Sunak is heading to a G20 meeting in Bali during which Vladimir Putin’s seat will “remain vacant”. The Prime Minister today labels Russia a “rogue state”, as he attacks the president for failing to defend his actions in Ukraine at the summit in person. Mr Sunak says that Putin’s no-show means he is not even trying to explain his actions despite being “responsible for so much bloodshed in Ukraine”. Writing for The Telegraph for the first time since entering No 10, Mr Sunak outlines his tough stance on the Kremlin that will be in the spotlight at the summit in Bali from tomorrow. It will be the first time a UK prime minister has met Russian officials since the invasion in February, with Sergei Lavrov, the Kremlin’s foreign minister, attending in Putin’s place. Political editor Ben Riley-Smith explains how Mr Sunak will use the summit’s first plenary session to confront Mr Lavrov about Russia’s “illegal” invasion.

Meanwhile, Russian forces are evacuating the second largest city in the Kherson region as they prepare their defences along the left bank of the Dnipro River. A 10-mile evacuation zone had been imposed ahead of an expected Ukrainian attack following the Russian army’s retreat from Kherson city. Follow the latest in our live blog, as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accuses Russians of war crimes “savagery” in Kherson. It came as a Russian prisoner-turned-mercenary was brutally killed while trying to desert by Kremlin-linked Wagner troops, who filmed the encounter to impress their boss nicknamed “Putin’s chef”.

Everyone will pay more tax, says Chancellor

Every taxpayer faces a raid from the Chancellor in this week’s Autumn Statement, as he warned “we are going to see everyone paying more”. Jeremy Hunt is poised to freeze the personal tax threshold and the rates at which people start to pay the various rates of income tax and National Insurance until 2028. The stealth raid means hundreds of thousands will pay tax for the first time or will be dragged into higher rates. At Thursday’s announcement, a range of other thresholds are also expected to be frozen. Tim Wallace explains how Britain could be consigned to higher tax for a generation and Daniel Martin reports energy handouts are set to be targeted at pensioners and those on benefits after April.

How to reduce your risk of a midlife stroke

Strokes are the UK’s fourth biggest killer – and a growing proportion now occur in people in midlife. A quarter of all strokes happen to those under 65 and Public Health England reported an even larger proportion, 38pc, of first-time strokes occurring in people aged 40 to 69. It is probable that unhealthy lifestyles are fuelling the increase, so what can you do to help yourself? Leah Hardy examines four ways to cut the odds of a stroke.

Also in the news today

Boats crisis | The number of Channel migrants reaching the UK has passed 40,000 in a single year for the first time, with Britain and France poised to announce a new £63m deal to stop them. Nearly 2,000 crossed this weekend after more than a week when bad weather prevented attempts. Charles Hymas explains latest efforts to curb the crossings.

Around the world: Six die in ‘terror’ bomb blast

An explosion rocked Istanbul’s busiest shopping street, killing at least six people and injuring 53 more in what the Turkish government suspects was a terrorist attack carried out by a woman. Istiklal Avenue was packed, with video footage at the scene showing crowds screaming and running away after the blast. Nataliya Vasilyeva reports from Istanbul.
Crowds fled to safety after an explosion killed six people on Istiklal Avenue.

Crowds fled to safety after an explosion killed six people on Istiklal Avenue. Credit: Reuters

Comment and analysis

Editor’s choice

Diana deceit
BBC | ‘I uncovered Diana deceit – it was far worse than The Crown would have us believe’
Peter Kay
Peter Kay | ‘Comic supported me through cancer treatment – now he’s part of the family’
Strictly Come Dancing results | Shock as series favourite is forced to withdraw

Business briefing: Bank ‘drags feet’ on EU red tape

The Bank of England is facing a fresh row over the speed of post-Brexit reforms after saying insurance red tape cannot be torn up for at least two years. Insurers have been told key aspects of Solvency 2 reform will not be implemented until at least early 2025, according to new documents. Meanwhile, Britain’s biggest recruitment firm said the deepening cost of living crisis is driving workers back into the job market.

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