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The Frontpage for 2022/11/04

Davey's cartoon after the interest rate rise
Chris Price By Chris Price
Good morning.

Fresh from the news of the biggest interest rate rise in 33 years, Britain faces a tax raid from the Chancellor to balance the nation’s finances.

Jeremy Hunt set to launch capital gains tax raid

Jeremy Hunt is preparing a raid on entrepreneurs, savers and landlords to help plug the £50bn hole in Britain’s public finances, the Telegraph can reveal. The Chancellor is considering an increase in the headline rate of capital gains tax (CGT) and taxes on dividends at the Autumn Statement. Mr Hunt is also examining changes to reliefs and allowances on CGT while also considering hitting savers with an rise in dividend taxes. Officials are also working on a cut to the £2,000 tax-free dividend allowance. The potential tax rises immediately sparked a backlash from business leaders who warned it would undermine enterprise and saving. Read how increasing CGT would have echoes with the approach George Osborne adopted when the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition took office in 2010. Meanwhile, Sam Laidlaw warns against the prospect of windfall taxes that are undermining Britain’s energy security.

The Chancellor’s impending tax raid comes as households grapple with the highest rise in interest rates in 33 years. The Governor of the Bank of England issued a rebuke to lenders that mortgage costs do “not need to rise as they have done” as he said interest rates will not rise as high as money markets have bet. However, read analysis on why Andrew Bailey is playing a dangerous game. After years of easy money encouraged governments, households and businesses to borrow enormous amounts, the Telegraph View is the era of indebtedness has hit an abrupt end.

Trump will ‘very, very, very probably’ run for president

Donald Trump is poised to launch a third run for the White House this month if Republicans win control of Congress in the midterm elections, according to advisers. The former US president could use positive Republican results on Nov 8 as a launchpad for his 2024 campaign, and may declare in the following weeks. At a rally in Iowa, he said he would “very very, very probably” run. Mr Trump would particularly benefit from the midterm elections if Republican Senate candidates he has backed in key states are successful. That includes former American football star Herschel Walker in Georgia, and TV doctor Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania. Current polling shows a potential “red wave” in which Republicans win back control of both houses of Congress.

William puts money ahead of endless ribbon cutting

Not since Queen Elizabeth II invented the walkabout in 1970 has there been a major change to the way royal visits are conducted. The format of official engagements has become so staid that reports of them often focus on fashion, gossip or the body language of the principals involved. The Prince of Wales, like other members of his family, is often frustrated at the coverage they get. Having seen the way his mother Diana, Princess of Wales could generate worldwide publicity about Aids, landmines or leprosy simply through her presence, the Prince knows better than most just how much a royal visit can be a force for good. Gordon Rayner analyses how the heir to the throne is breaking the monotony with a gamble that effectively puts a cash sum on the value of royal visits.

Also in the news this morning

Migrant crisis | Migrants are being “actively encouraged” to leave the crisis-hit Manston asylum centre as long as they can provide an address, Border Force, council and charity sources have told the Telegraph. They claimed hundreds of migrants had been allowed to freely leave without follow-up checks as part of a drive to tackle chronic overcrowding at the processing centre. Migrants could get £6,000 payouts as the Home Office faces legal action over their alleged unlawful detention. Home Office figures indicate Albanians claiming to be victims of modern slavery are allowed to stay in the UK in 90 per cent of cases.

Your View | This week we asked readers what steps should be taken to fix the asylum system. Here are the some of the best responses.

  • Manchester inquiry | Decorated officer at centre of failed response
    A senior police officer who was handed a bravery award was at the centre of the failed emergency response to the Manchester Arena bombing, a damning inquiry found on Thursday.

    a public inquiry has concluded there were “very significant” failings by the police, “very substantial problems” with the ambulance service response and a “risk averse” approach from the fire service.At the worst extreme, a “substantial failure by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) at every level of armed command” was found to have helped lead to the death of John Atkinson, 28.

    +The “catastrophic” emergency response to the Manchester Arena bombing could happen again, a lawyer for the victims’ families has warned, ahead of a long-awaited inquiry report.

    The police, ambulance service and fire service have all faced heavy criticism after victims of the suicide attack were left waiting for up to four hours before they were taken to hospital.

    Two of the 22 people killed in the May 2017 atrocity could have survived if they had received better first aid, including Saffie-Rose Roussos, 8, who was the youngest victim.

    Next week, the public inquiry into the bombing will publish a report examining the emergency response, which is expected to give a damning assessment of decisions taken on the night.

  • Smart motorways | Public at ‘risk of future deaths’ without education
  • Nicola Sturgeon | Pressure to shut down gender clinic for children
    Nicola Sturgeon has come under growing pressure to shut down Scotland’s only gender clinic for children after it emerged staff raised concerns about the site for years.Whistleblowers at the Sandyford Clinic in Glasgow have submitted reports over the past five years to senior clinicians about the running of the sexual health hub for under-18s as well as adults, documents reveal.

    Feminist campaigners have demanded the SNP leader immediately shut down the “scandal-ridden clinic” before “more harm is done to our children”.The First Minister has refused to launch an investigation into Sandyford, despite critics highlighting its services are nearly identical to those offered by the Tavistock clinic in London – which was shut down following a damning review by Dr Hilary Cass in February this year.

  • Twitter | Employees to find out via email if they have been laid off
  • Chris Whitty | ‘It’s time to kill off the cigarette industry’
    The cigarette industry should be destroyed for the benefit of public health, Prof Sir Chris Whitty, the UK Government’s Chief Medical Adviser, has said.Sir Chris, who is also Chief Medical Officer for England, warned that smokers face an appalling death and said ministers are currently considering whether to bring in new policies to limit smoking.

    An independent review by Dr Javed Khan, published in June, recommended that the Government enacts measures to ensure England is smoke-free by 2030 – which could include stronger taxation and limiting further where people can light up.

Around the world: Ukraine warns of Kherson trap

Russian troops were seen evacuating Kherson as rumours swirled that Moscow was abandoning the key southern city. Eyewitnesses told the Telegraph that they witnessed Moscow’s forces dismantling military posts and crossing into the eastern bank of the Dnipro River towards Crimea. Ukraine said that pictures could be a Russian attempt to lay a trap for Kyiv’s forces. Russian strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure have left around 4.5 million people without power in what Volodymyr Zelensky called “energy terrorism”. Jade McGlynn analyses how time is running out for Vladimir Putin, and the danger is that he knows it.
An elderly resident of Arkhanhelske, a Kherson village that was once occupied by Russian forces

An elderly resident of a Kherson village that was once occupied by Russian forces. Credit: AFP

On the one hand we hear statements about the Russian Federation’s doctrinal commitment to the maxim that “a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought”. On the other, we learn that Russian generals have been discussing the possibility of deploying tactical nuclear weapons against the backdrop of a war in Ukraine that is increasingly painted as an existential struggle with the West.

Comment and analysis

Editor’s choice

‘My friends in London think I’ve got a strong Yorkshire accent. My friends in Yorkshire think I’ve lost it altogether’
Me and my accent | People mock my Yorkshire tones but that doesn’t bother me – here’s why
The result is both subtle and striking
Carrot tops rejoice | How ‘copper’ is now the must-have colour
Alec Baldwin (left), Johnny Depp (centre) and Kevin Spacey (right)
Comebacks are possible | Hollywood’s hypocritical attitude to cancelled stars
Here is a selection of articles we think you’ll be interested in today.
Senior Tories attack UN diplomat who ordered Rishi Sunak to hike taxes on families
New Ukip-style party could form to ‘nick’ Tory votes over migrant crisis
The Conservatives risk losing “dozens” of seats at the next general election if ministers do not take action over the migrants’ crisis because of the threat of a new Ukip-style party, a senior Tory has said.

Craig Mackinlay, MP for South Thanet, in Kent, who sits on the board of the European Research Group of Conservative MPs in Parliament, warned that a Nigel Farage-style party could pick up votes from Tory voters frustrated about government inaction.


Listen to Chopper’s Politics Podcast featuring interviews with Ed Miliband, the former Labour leader, Craig Mackinlay MP and Prof Robert Tombs.

‘Outrage’ as migrant hotels are forced upon tourist hotspots
Tory MP Andrew Bridgen facing suspension for ‘unacceptable’ behaviour
Give our young people visas if you want to fix the migrant crisis, Albania tells Britain
Greta Thunberg takes aim at her ‘heterosexual, white, privileged, middle-aged’ critics
In case you like our “Some View on the World” news selection, let it be known to others.

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