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The Independent 2022 August 29 – September 04

August 29

Billions more will be slashed from overseas aid projects within weeks unless ministers abandon rules diverting a quarter of funds to the costs of Ukrainian refugees in the UK, Save the Children is warning.


The alarm has been raised over a controversial decision to include spending on 118,000 Ukrainians welcomed to Britain within a budget reduced from 0.7 to 0.5 per cent of GDP and then strictly capped.


As the war grinds on, Save the Children estimates the bill will reach £3bn, which would be a staggering 25 per cent of aid spending in 2022, after £4bn has already been slashed from the budget.


The agency welcomes the help for refugees fleeing the invasion, but told The Independent there would be “unimaginable consequences” without an urgent rethink.


Ministers have already ordered a stop to “non-essential” aid spending – partly because of the ballooning Ukraine costs – with agencies still in the dark over existing projects, with just four months left in the calendar year.

August 30

August 31

Mikhail Gorbachev, a man widely lauded in the West for reforms that changed the world but were often condemned at home, has died at the age of 91.


Moscow’s Central Clinical Hospital said the last leader of the Soviet Union had died after a long illness but provided no other details.


At the height of his influence, Gorbachev was the tip of the spear pushing for exciting reforms and demands for more openness within a system that for decades had been closed and set against the US in a superpower battle for supremacy and survival.


“How can she lead our country through an economic crisis when she can’t even cope with a basic media interview?”

– Wendy Chamberlain, the Liberal Democrats’ chief whip, accuses Tory leadership frontrunner Liz Truss of ‘running scared of the media and proper public scrutiny’ after she backed out of an interview with the BBC’s Nick Robinson.

September 01

September 02

NHS leaders have warned of a “staggering” level of staff vacancies, as one in 10 NHS jobs lie vacant.


The number of unfilled NHS jobs hit a new high of 132,000 in June according to new data, prompting health service chiefs to issue serious warnings to ministers of an “all-engulfing NHS crisis”.


The vacancy rate now stands at 9.7 per cent, records show, with 46,828 nursing posts currently unfilled and 10,582 doctor roles remaining empty.

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