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The Church Is Not Meant to Be an Institution

Holding tightly onto structure leaves little room for love.

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Human beings are creatures of habit. We like things to be neat, orderly, and easy to define. Organized and regulated systems often provide us with safety; they give us a set of guidelines to follow and a clear sense of belonging. The more answers there are, the fewer questions we are likely to have, and that affords us a greater perception of security. All of that sounds great so far, but what happens when situations become difficult or muddy and our systems can’t explain them to us? We look for certainty where there is none.

“What’s the correct answer?”


“Which way is the right way to respond?”

we might ask.

When individuals attach themselves to religious institutions, their minds become conditioned to avoid making mistakes or being singled out from the group, rather than being focused on living well and loving well.

As humans, we might naturally desire to have defined systems or sets of rules we can rely on, but just because this is normal does not make it healthy. Plenty of natural thought processes are more damaging than they are helpful. Here are just a few examples:

1) We instinctually look to serve ourselves instead of loving the world.
2) Most of us have an innate tendency to hate our enemies, but Christ tells us to love them. 3) We are tempted to compare ourselves to others in the hopes of appearing better than them, but Jesus reminds us that the speck in our neighbor’s eye doesn’t compare to the log we have in our own.

Come more to read about Grant Bullert his look how religious systems harm us more than they heal us. According to him

They create “in” groups and “out” groups. They make enemies out of people who should be neighbors and friends. Church institutions mostly offer are condemnation, judgment, rules, and regulations. There is little hope to be found among them.

In contrast, Jesus offers peace and grace, love, understanding, and forgiveness. Not only does he extend these gifts to us, but he calls us to share them with everyone around us. God fills us with goodness so that we are able to overflow and spill it into the lives of our friends and enemies alike.

If we truly reflect Jesus to our neighbors, they will experience his grace and peace. We can invite them to join us in spreading those gifts. That kind of freedom is far more powerful than any actions a regulated set of beliefs could enforce.

> The Church Is Not Meant to Be an Institution



Christians are increasingly mixing and matching their faith in unexpected ways

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