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On Quora: Is it true that Ukraine is overrun with Neo-Nazis?

Truth About Russia answers

Yes, absolutely. Although it’s not the whole country thankfully. This map shows it nicely. The areas in red are those that have been overrun with neo-nazis. Hopefully in the weeks and months to come they will slowly be pushed back to the snake pit they came from.

Worse, a map of Russia shows that Russia is *fully* overrun with Neo-Nazis.

The *whole* country.

Gideon Van Zyl

Ukraine is a former Russian colony that was liberated and became independent in the early ‘90s and have been on the road to successfully decolonise its culture from the influence of their former oppressor. In 2014 the former oppressor invaded and recolonised the Crimea and created puppet states in parts of the liberated country as part of its program to recolonise the country. The Ukraine fought these efforts of recolonisation, and in February the colonial power invaded the country in an attempt to bring the country under its control. Its attack on the capital city failed miserably when the valliant defenders drove the invaders back. Currently the invading Colonial power is attempting to consolidate its power in the areas previously partially recolonised, but have not been successful and has only been able to make a few meters progress a day while losing ground in others.

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