Some regrettable black spots during funeral procession

The hearse carrying the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II, draped with the Royal Standard of Scotland, passes the City Chambers on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Sunday, Sept. 11, 2022 on the journey from Balmoral to the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, where it will lie in rest for a day. (Jane Barlow/Pool Photo via AP)
A protester was among a crowd gathered to see the Queen’s hearse arrive in Edinburgh (Picture: AP)

Typical how certain people do not realise where and when which action may be justified.

First there was a man who was warily affected by a paedophilia case in the past and who now found the moment to shout at Prince Andrew as the funeral procession passed by.

Queen Elizabeth II’s children were united in grief as they walked behind the coffin of their mother through the streets of Edinburgh. The King and his siblings the Duke of York, the Princess Royal and the Earl of Wessex accompanied the coffin on its way to a service of thanksgiving at St Giles’ Cathedral.

On the way, a man held his hands to his mouth and started yelling at the Duke of York. Even on television, we could hear him shout:

“You’re a sick old man,”

clearly meaning this for prince Edward. Then we saw a mourner grabbing him by his hooded sweatshirt and dragging him backwards to the ground.

Immediately, we heard responses with,

“God save the King”.

The man, wearing a blue Melbourne City FC hoodie, held his hands up as he lay in the street before a police officer picked him up from the ground.

As the heckler was led away by police, he yelled loudly,


in the direction of the procession.

A police officer marched him away from the street, and the man could be heard saying:

“I’ve done nothing wrong.”

It might well be that the prince had sex with some young girls, but this was not the time to protest against that offence.

The 22-year-old man had been arrested

“in connection with a breach of the peace on the Royal Mile”.

It comes as Downing Street on Monday defended the right of republican protesters to voice dissent about the monarchy after a string of interventions from police to stop demonstrators.

Labour MPs and campaign groups also voiced support for demonstrators who want to peacefully protest during the period of mourning for Queen Elizabeth II.

Moments before Charles III was declared monarch in Scotland, a 22-year-old woman demonstrator appeared in the crowd holding a sign which read

Woman charged after 'holding abolish monarchy’ sign before new King proclaimed
A 22-year-old will appear at Edinburgh Sheriff Court at a later date (Picture: SWNS / Getty)

“f— imperialism, abolish monarchy”

She was also arrested this weekend by the Police of Scotland whilst there was a prompt-mixed reaction from spectators. Some appeared to applaud the officer, while one man was heard shouting:

‘Let her go! It’s free speech.’

She has since been released from custody and is due to appear before Edinburgh Sheriff Court at a later date.

An anti-royal protester holding a poster with the slogan

“not my king”

outside Parliament was also seen in video footage being spoken to by the Metropolitan Police who had asked her to move out of the way of gates required for vehicle access and did not arrest her or told to leave the area.

During a briefing with reporters, Downing Street was quizzed on whether it was appropriate that demonstrators expressing republican views faced arrest. The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said:

“I won’t be drawn into commenting on individual cases, those are operational matters for the police.

“More broadly obviously this is a period of national mourning for the vast, vast majority of the country but the fundamental right to protest remains. It is a keystone of our democracy.”

Man arrested for shouting 'who elected him' at King's proclamation 'will probably protest' coronation PA
Symon Hill, 45, says he doesn’t seek to interrupt mourning but simply has a problem with the institution of monarchy (Picture: PA)

The anti-monarchist Symon Hill, 45, was arrested in Carfax, Oxford on Sunday, after shouting

‘who elected him?’

at an accession proclamation for King Charles III. He said he did not seek to interrupt mourning, but simply has a problem with the institution of monarchy.

After his release, he expressed that in future, he plans to demonstrate peacefully against the intuition of the monarchy, but will not personally attack any individual member of the Royal Family or disrupt tributes to the late Queen Elizabeth II.

‘I’ll continue to say that Charles is not the King, and that I don’t recognise him. Whether I’ll be involved in an organised protest, I don’t know,’

he said.

‘I’m not actively organising one, but that isn’t to say I wouldn’t join in if there was something happening.

‘I will probably protest at the coronation when it happens. It will be non-violent and directed at the institution rather than personal insults at individuals.’



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