How do we fight the religious right?

A letter from Stana Iliev

Hi Marcus,

My name is Stana, and I’m a Campaigns Manager at All Out. Before that, I was an LGBT+ activist for more than 10 years in Bulgaria, where I saw the rights of our community taken away by right-wing religious extremists.

I’m here to bring you a warning of what this force of hate is capable of.

When I went to Sofia Pride in Bulgaria’s capital city, I was completely shocked. A crowd of right-wing extremists surrounded us.

The police literally fenced us in to protect us. People screamed at us. Some brought their children and taught them homophobic slurs to chant. Someone threw bibles at us from a window. I was horrified. It was traumatic for young, queer people who came to Pride for the first time.

We know the Orthodox Church influenced this attack. They’re the biggest, most funded, and loudest opponent of LGBT+ rights in the country.

And we’re seeing the same forces attacking the rights of LGBT+ people in so many other places around the world. It’s going to take a huge, renewed effort to counter this wave of hate.

The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade and end legal abortion protection is a sign of further attacks to come, just like we saw in Bulgaria.

U.S. Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas already said that the country should turn back the clock on LGBT+ rights by ending protections for same-sex sexual activity and overturning marriage equality. As of July 1, state lawmakers have already introduced at least 162 bills targeting LGBT+ rights across the country. And much of this is in the name of trumped up and twisted narratives of “religious freedoms.”

It all feels too familiar. For years, Bulgaria’s Orthodox Church worked side-by-side with right-wing extremists. They were funded by international evangelical groups and prepared very well-coordinated social media campaigns which drastically swayed public opinion against women’s rights and LGBT+ people.

With our limited resources and connections, we were no match for them. But the All Out movement is a global force to be reckoned with.

With your help, we’ve faced these right-wing extremists head-on before – and love has won. We got homophobic hate preacher Stephen Anderson banned from South Africa in 2016 and from Ireland in 2019. In 2020, hate preacher Franklin Graham was banned from spewing hate in the UK.

And for every hateful message silenced, we’ve lifted up the voices of hundreds of LGBT+ people in countries facing extreme anti-LGBT+ violence, from China to Ghana and Kenya, with our beautiful “Voices of” campaigns.

Plus for the past year, we’ve been talking to Christian parents of LGBT+ children, to lift up their stories of how their faith and love for their children go hand-in-hand.

Thanks for going All Out,


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