American Catholic Church also pleased to see the ban over abortions

European model will be leading for US abortion legislation
Abortion right demonstrator in Washington, last Saturday. Photo AFP, Stefani Reynolds

The Supreme Court’s June 24 decision that overturned Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood – the 1992 decision that affirmed Roe – after 49 years of discussion and debate puts abortion law in the hands of state lawmakers, and as such means that state abortion laws will range from outright bans to abortion being available throughout the entire pregnancy.
From 1973, that decision guaranteed that abortion was legal in all American states, but now it shall become illegal in many states.

The US will have to handle abortion the same way it deals with capital punishment. At the moment, that is legislated differently from state to state and strangely enough in many states where so many conservative or fundamentalist Christians are shouting that abortion is killing a human being, the same pamphleteers call for capital punishment and for the right to wear weapons, even war weapons, by which easily many people can be killed.

In response to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, the Roman Catholic Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore seemed happy with the verdict of the U.S. Supreme Court. Though for him it seems only the beginning, because there is the need to redouble church efforts supporting women and couples who face unexpected pregnancies, as well as opening the hearts and minds of those with a different perspective.

“It’s a day that many people have worked and prayed very hard for, and it is a day in which I think we can engage in the debate anew in our country, but hopefully also a day in which we will redouble our efforts to create a just and compassionate society where no mother has to choose between her child and her future,”

he said.

Those Catholics like many of those American evangelists forget that there are several women who are raped and do not look forward having a child by their rapist, and needing to rear it up, every day to be remembered what happened to them. For those priests and pastors it is very easy to say they have to be forgiving.

USCCB president Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles may well say that they give every woman

“the support and resources she needs to bring her child into this world in love.”

Shall they, who so speak about love, be willing to bring up those children who have to come to live in families too poor to bring up several children?

Cardinal Seán O’Malley of Boston has good reason to say that it is now in the hands of the faithful. He said that the decision

“calls [Catholics] to recognise the unique burden faced by women in pregnancy; and it challenges us as a nation to work together to build up more communities of support – and available access to them – for all women experiencing unplanned pregnancies.”

If contraceptives, IUDs and early abortions are no longer permitted, many more women will have unwanted pregnancies and many families will also bear a heavy financial burden due to the additional burden of extra children. The banning of abortion shall bring it into the illegal circuit.

what about minors who got raped, and whose body is perhaps not yet ready to bear children? Dit those Republicans and fundamentalist Christians think about such cases?

Since Roe v. Wade was overturned, there’s been moderate exhalation on the right and righteous anger on the left. (Democratic leaders, meanwhile, don’t seem to have any ideas on how to fight it.) Already we’re starting to see the grim consequences. On Saturday, it was reported that a 10-year-old girl from Ohio who had been raped by her uncle had to travel to Indiana after being denied an abortion. Now anti-abortion politicians are being asked point-blank about what they think about this horrific situation, and their answers are, to put it mildly, not great. {A MAGA Governor Didn’t Exactly Have A Great Response About Forcing 10-Year-Olds To Have Babies}

Catholics with other conservative Christians look forward to eradicating the rights to same-sex marriage, contraception and homosexual sex in the whole of the United States.

The Dutch Christian Democratic leader and Foreign Minister, Wopke Hoekstra, said in an English tweet:

“Today is a reminder that the struggle for the rights of women is never over. The Netherlands stands firmly for the health and rights of all women and girls around the world, to be able to decide about their own bodies and lives.”

In the U.S.A. this personal right is taken away. The woman has lost freedom over her own body. Fundamentalist Christians consider it their right to decide over the body of someone else, and certainly over a woman, because according to them a woman is inferior to a man and must always be submissive to the man.

French president Emmanuel Macron tweeted that the American Supreme Court decision was “undermining” women’s liberties.

“Abortion is a fundamental right for all women. It must be protected. I wish to express my solidarity with the women whose liberties are being undermined by the Supreme Court of the United States.”

he wrote.

Many Europeans are saddened by this step backwards in American society, which will also put many women at risk and cause many unexpected headaches for the whole American community.
Pro-life campaigner Bernie Smyth, from Northern Ireland, his personal hope for the future is that they too will one day reverse the legislation. He thinks the movement in the US has been very wise, but forgets it will have very serious consequences, which will again bring much suffering to many families, but also put many women in mortal danger.

As Belgian prime minister, Alexander De Croo indicates that the decision will not impact the matter itself, he warns

 “Prohibiting abortion never leads to fewer abortions, only to more unsafe abortions.”

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus showed himself very disappointed and says what lots of Europeans thought, but once more were confronted with the opposite.

 “I had expected that America would protect women’s rights.”

said Ghebreyesus.

It is very easy for the American Catholic Church to say

“we need to enact family-friendly policies that welcome children, support mothers, cherish families and empower them to thrive.”

But neither in the past nor in the present has that church nor any evangelical church been ready to help many women in need. One may not forget that a lot of women don’t want abortion as a solution to a crisis pregnancy, they want help with the things that made it a crisis.

In response to the Supreme Court decision President Joe Biden, a Catholic, said

“it’s a sad day for our country;”

pledging to use his administration’s authority to protect abortion access, and urging Americans to elect more pro-choice lawmakers in the House and Senate in this fall’s midterm elections.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, also a Catholic politician who has had battles with the Church over her pro-abortion stance, also looked ahead to the midterm elections, saying

“[Republicans] cannot be allowed to have a majority in Congress … A women’s right to choose, reproductive freedom, is on the ballot in November.”



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