The Big Question for the week of 2022 June 07

Could the four-day week ever become the norm in Britain?

The UK’s biggest-ever trial of the four-day working week has just commenced, with over 70 companies and 3,300 workers taking part.


An impressive list of companies are joining the pilot scheme from across a wide range of sectors including banking, care, online retail, IT software training, housing, animation studios, hospitality and many more.


But could such a programme ever really become the norm and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Published by Guestspeaker

A joint effort of several authors who do find that nobody can keep standing at the side and that “Everyone" must care about what is going on in today’s world. We are a bunch of people who do not mind that somebody has a totally different idea but is willing to share the ideas with others and to be Active and willing to let others understand how "today’s decisions will influence the future”. Therefore we would love to see many others to "Act today".

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