Journalism under attack

During moments of social unrest, one can clearly observe the extent to which journalism is given free rein.
In the last few weeks, for example, it can be observed that on television and in the newspapers certain persons have had more of a say than others. Especially those who speak out against the politicians are given the general right to proclaim their opinions without limitations.

In the media, it is therefore noticeable that those who oppose the course of events, and especially those who call for resistance, are all too readily portrayed as anarchists or dangerous communists.

Especially in countries where an individual politician commands all the attention and power, one can see that local bloggers and journalists are increasingly curtailed in their freedom of speech.

“The autocrat’s handbook always begins with shutting down the independent media,”

warned Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch.

“Journalists play an essential social role to inform the public, so an informed public can then hold governments accountable for their actions.”

Such general information is very important for people to know what is really going on. Television channels and social media do have to play a very important role in information gathering and info spreading.

Dr Agnes Callamard (5226610146).jpg
Agnès Callamard, Director of Columbia University’s project on Freedom of Expression-globally.

The French human rights expert who is the Secretary General of Amnesty International, Agnes Callamard, says

“Free and independent information is at the heart of the global system itself. If we do not maintain the space for press freedom today, the world order of tomorrow will be biased, one-sided, and detrimental to us all.”

Therefore, we should aim for sources that keep providing free information and who do not want to be dependent on any sort of political party or group and dare to bring controversial messages if necessary.

All things that happen today we should be allowed to be placed under a magnifying glass, and analysed by different voices. Even when such voices would contradict each other, they should be able to be placed next to each other. That is, among other things, what we wish to achieve here on this platform, that people can hear different thoughts.

Certain politicians and certain rich people wanted to fund some networks, but demanded from them loyalty and as such brought in biased networks. Biased news networks, or the fake media news, made lots of people lose trust and faith in the press. The tabloid press, in particular, has continued to wreak havoc after the death of Princess Diana, as they shamelessly continued to spread gossip and false news. Over the years, we could see that several journalists were more interested in the money coming in instead of keeping the truth.

Importance of Honest JournalismJournalists must understand that in their shoulders rests a very critical task of ensuring that masses remain informed with the truth. {Importance of Honest Journalism}

Since the Trump era we have seen several televison channels and newspapers aiming to get as much popularity as possible. Often it did not matter if they were telling the truth or not.

Several politicians were very handy for using the networks for propaganda and as such, we saw creeping in unethical journalism which has caused many people to act erratically out of fear of what they have heard from unethical journalists.

It is important that Journalists understand that their honest reporting of facts while having the goal to inform the masses without any agenda, can ensure that people remain informed which can prevent the circumvention of Democracy and other held beliefs. {Importance of Honest Journalism}

All human rights leaders agreed on the urgent need to take concrete steps to better protect journalists worldwide, including through the establishment of a specialized international body.

“Our work is not just about protecting individual journalists. We also have to defend and safeguard the ecosystem itself, to enable reporters to carry out their social function,”

Image dans Infobox.
Christophe Deloire (2013).

said the president of the Forum on Information and Democracy, Christophe Deloire. Deloire also became Secretary General of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) an international non-governmental organisation founded in 1985, recognised as a public utility in France and present in 14 countries in 2020. Its objective is to defend press freedom and protect journalists’ sources. In 2005, the association was awarded the Sakharov Prize by the European Parliament.

RSF 2020 logo min.svgWe should continue to promote free, independent and pluralistic journalism. Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognises the right to receive and share information regardless of frontiers, along with other international rights charters, and it is those rights bloggers and journalists should defend, but which also should be supported by the readers.

Today we should be aware of the danger of social media, the majority of the youngsters not reading newspapers and not watching national television their Journals or news coverage.

“Social media has become a way to evade journalistic accountability,”

said Kenneth Roth.

“Modern algorithms are written to promote engagement – because engagement is profitable – but this has the downside that facts can be buried beneath a flood of unmediated information.”

The traditional journalism industry risks becoming a casualty of the digital transformation, in what could be a profound and permanent shift in how news is reported. Platforms like Substack, a newsletter distribution system where reporters can cut out the middleman and create paid publications for their audiences; and Supercast, a Vancouver-based startup that provides similar services but for podcasts, are giving journalists the tools to create content in the same arena where YouTubers and streamers are thriving.

According to the Reuters Institute 2021 Digital News Report, almost 40% of people under 35 pay most of their attention to internet personalities when consuming news.

As the media industry struggled to navigate social unrest, fake news, and political polarisation, several journalists and bloggers endeavour to be faithful to their mission of bringing honest information to the public.

The LebaneseSwiss cartoonist known for his work for Le Temps, Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Sunday edition), the German news magazine Der Spiegel, The New York Times International Edition and the French satirical newspaper Le Canard enchaîné, Patrick Chappatte, of the Freedom Cartoonists Foundation, also raised the contemporary challenge of cancel culture.

“An important question is how we can reconcile the just causes of modern activists with the notion of freedom of expression, including the right to offend.”

Many of these questions remained open, but all panellists at the 2022 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos emphasised that everyone can take action to promote quality journalism and media freedom.

“All stakeholders can support and defend quality journalism through their choices as consumers,”

Concluded Christophe Deloire.



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