When a kid comes out, the questions a parent or guardian may have are endless

Bukola, Executive Director of Q Christian Fellowship writes:

Help! My kid just came out!

I’ve had so many parents express this sentiment, Marcus.

And for good reason, too: It can be so scary and intimidating to even start understanding something that, up to that point, is completely unknown.

My name is Bukola, and I’m the Executive Director of Q Christian Fellowship – a US-based organization that models a world where all LGBTQ+ people are fully loved by family, church, and community.

When a kid comes out, the questions a parent or guardian may have are endless – and not having the answers is honestly terrifying and deeply disorienting. After all, aren’t we, the parents, supposed to know everything? 😉

What does it mean to be LGBTQ+? Will they be safe? Is it a sin? Did they choose this? Will they be happy? Is it my fault? What about all the plans we had for them? How can we protect them from harm?

This uncertainty is one of the reasons why so many Christian folks struggle to accept their kid when they first come out. Because it’s so daunting.

But a lot of Christian parents or guardians have gone through this before!

And through their journey to acceptance and love, they’ve learned, found answers, and discovered that supporting their children’s LGBTQ+ identity is absolutely compatible with being a Christian.

Are you a parent that has traveled this path? By sharing your testimony, you can offer a truly wonderful gift to parents who might still be struggling to get the answers they need.

Together with the global LGBTQ+ organization All Out, we’re working on Help! My kid just came out!, a project that will gather video testimonials of Christian parents or guardians whose kids have come out. We’ll then make these videos available to those who are still seeking strength and guidance regarding the sexual orientation or gender identity of their kids.

Click here and find out how to participate!






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