Thought for 2022 March 18

On 24 February, all hell seemed to have broken loose over Europe. This unbelievable act of hatred and inhumanity has left many people with an enormous feeling of hatred and an urge to go to war against the aggressor.

When one country invades another this is going to provoke rebellion but also thoughts of hatred and in several cases, the violence shall create even more violence.

David’s reflections that we read today are insightful; he had the feeling to be with God and God with him. How personal is his final appeal where he asks the Almighty to fathom him.

“23 Search me, O God! and know my heart: Examine me and know my thoughts. 24 And know whether the way of wickedness be in me, And lead me in the way of this life.” (Ps 139:23-24 Calvin_Bible)

Do we also want God to know us and see deep into our hearts?

Do we want to let Him know us completely and let Him see if there is a wicked way in us?

We can dislike and hate people who do things that are against God’s will and who oppose God!

Especially in the present circumstances, when we see a country commit such war crimes with apparent impunity, this can evoke in us such aversion and even hatred that we have to be very careful in our reactions.

But can we control this hatred of them?

Even though they are our enemies, we must face them in the right way. When they do terrible things, we must also take care not to overstep our bounds. Let us be always sure that we are acting according to God’s rules. Those who do such terrible things are also creatures of God, even if they do not even know it. Let us, therefore, be careful in our judgements and actions.

Let us realise that God knows everything about us. Let us dare, as David did, to ask Him to look into our hearts and examine our thoughts.

Let us know that Jehovah can tell us if we do something wrong under these circumstances of war. So that He will help us to live as He wills. Like David let us pray to Jehovah God and ask Him to search our heart and to give us strength to react in the right way in all circumstances.

“Search me, God, and know my heart, probe me, know what ails me. Give me the strength to stay on the right path, always doing what is inine with your prescriptions and regulations. Give me the power to keep to your commandments. See if I go no wrong way, and lead me by the way that is eternal.”




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