We are going to feel this – says Biden

The Belgian fruit growers already feel very well how the disputes between Russia, Ukraine and the United States of America make it impossible for them to deliver their apples and pears to the former buyers. Kilometres of trucks form a long queue at the Russian border.

The Ukraine president several times asked the West not to interfere with their problem and certainly not to spread panic. But the Americans continued with sending all sorts of messages into the world that could fear people of a coming great war. The Ukraine president gave a televised address on the ‘day of unity’ to keep the patriotic spirit alive. Kyiv government vowed to resist cyberattacks after banks and defence ministry were targeted. It could well be that those cyberattacks were organised by Russia, but there is no proof of.

US President Joe Biden speaks about Russia and Ukraine in the East Room of the White House on February 15, 2022 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Brendan Smialowski / AFP)

Joe Biden’s speech yesterday sounded like a closing argument, one that had been honed for some time and one that suggested expectations are still high in the White House that Russia will take military action. He claimed that 150.000 Russian troops remained in a “threatening position” around Ukraine, despite Russian claims of a withdrawal, and warned that an invasion “remains distinctly possible”, as Ukraine began to mark what its president called a “day of unity”.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian people yearn for an end to what for them is already an eight-year war. Those who live in the border areas are fed up with the fact that the increased tension has made their living conditions even worse. For eight years they have been affected by a shortage of food and work. There have also been regular firefights in certain areas, which have also seriously damaged their homes, where they also have a lot of power and gas cuts. With a bit of luck, they manage to find saplings or cut down dead trees to provide firewood.

On Wednesday morning, Volodymyr Zelenskiy the Ukrainian actor and comedian who was elected president of Ukraine in 2019, spoke at a “day of unity” telethon, according to Interfax, saying that Ukrainians were

“united by a single desire – to live, to live in peace, to live happily, with one family, with children, with parents.”

He has previously urged people to fly flags and sing the national anthem at 10am. And those flags we could see also in houses outside Ukraine, where families in their living room (in London Edinburg and Brussels) spoke about the fear for their family members remaining in their motherland. They are afraid that America its alarm messages would do more harm than good.

Fears have also grown that the pro-Russian rebels will now use the help of their Russian ally to tear their territories further away from Ukraine, which will result in families being even more torn apart and isolated from each other.

In his speech, Biden said he would “rally the world” to oppose Russian military action but made clear that the response would be primarily economic, saying:

“I will not send American servicemen to fight in Ukraine.”

But he made clear that any attack on Nato territory or harm to Americans would be treated differently.

“We’re not seeking direct confrontation with Russia, though I’ve been clear that if Russia targets Americans and Ukraine, we will respond forcefully,”

Biden said.

“If Russia attacks the United States or our allies through asymmetric means, like disruptive cyber-attacks against our companies or critical infrastructure, we’re prepared to respond.”

Joe Biden is providing an update on the situation in eastern Europe, as tensions continue between Russia and Ukraine.



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