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January 31 – February 4 by the eyes of the Telegraph

Last week you could hear how households are hit with a “double whammy” of rising interest rates and soaring energy bills. The Daily Telegraph will talk you through the key points as the energy price cap rises by 54 per cent, including how Rishi Sunak will help struggling households. Inflation is set to hit 7 per cent this April, following the Bank of England’s decision to raise interest rates to 0.5 per cent, while Nationwide has become the first lender to announce it will increase mortgage rates.

Will Kirkman explains how the rise will affect your bills and whether you should fix your tariff, as well as how you can claim £350 off your gas and electricity costs. Harry Brennan looks at how savers can benefit from today’s interest rate rises, while Jessica Beard reveals who will benefit from the council tax rebate – and how it will work. Ben Wright asserts that “The horrific outlook for household finances is the real news from the Bank of England”. And a forthright Allister Heath laments that “Boris’s betrayal of his revolutionary Brexit mandate is now almost total”.

Vladimir Putin has presented a united front between China and Russia, saying that the two nations are working to ‘offset’ Western sanctions. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard warns that “Ukraine is at the mercy of the Russia-China pact of autocracies”. Richard Kemp, meanwhile, asserts that “Global Britain is Europe’s most confident power”.

You also may find a wide range of compelling cultural coverage. Michael Deacon ponders why Michael Jackson hasn’t been cancelled, when JK Rowling has. Eleanor Margolis speaks to the director of Netflix’s new true-crime documentary on “The women ruined by the Tinder Swindler”. And Anita Singh reviews the finale of And Just Like That…, declaring “admit it, you couldn’t stop watching this infuriating show either”.

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