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Rule-breaking parties at Downing Street, Rusia-Ukraine border matters a.o news of the week

In the world there are just a few countries where all people of the nation pay for their international renowned clown. Great Britain is such a nation where such a man is able to sit on the MP seat for such a long time, as if people do not mind all his frills and karwatzes.

It remains to be seen how long Boris Johnson will be able to gain confidence in Parliament. In any case, he provides enough talk for the day.
He also gets attention in the Telegraph.

Boris Johnson has vowed to release the report “in full”, while Camilla Tominey explains why “This could be the moment that the establishment finally takes down Boris Johnson”. Allister Heath cautions that “The Conservatives face 1997-style annihilation if they don’t stop this drift”. Andrew Lilico, meanwhile, makes a thought-provoking case for “Why Boris should stay”.

On January 27, the Prime Minister was warned that April’s rise in National Insurance will push up prices in shops. One of the most senior Tory backbenchers has called on Rishi Sunak to postpone the increase, to tackle mounting pressure on living standards. With fear gripping the stock market, Lauren Almeida reports that investors have turned to gold, while Sam Benstead is on hand with valuable advice for savers ahead of looming interest rate rises. And Melissa Lawford looks at why “Landlords have the power now” as the London rental market descends into the “Wild West of bidding wars”.

Russia has sparked new hopes for diplomacy over Ukraine, stating that “even the thought” of war is unacceptable. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard examines how “Putin has ensured Fortress Russia can withstand a long siege”. Nataliya Vasilyeva reports on “How Vladimir Putin’s sanction-proof Moscow leaves the West toothless over Ukraine”, while Verity Bowman brings some much-needed clarity to the situation as she lays out why Russia might invade Ukraine and what could happen next.

In Culture and Lifestyle, James Hall clears up “Why Morrissey and Johnny Marr hate each other”. Shane Watson highlights “Six ridiculous jobs that only the rich and famous need help with”. An illuminating Boudicca Fox-Leonard uncovers some startling facts in “The truth about the great oat milk ‘con’”. Emma Madden, meanwhile, writes that “The man behind the Spice Girls has a TikTok ‘supergroup’ – and it’s doomed”.

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