Wars and Rumors of War…Russia Moves into Belarus

Looking for the Blessed Hope

Rumors of war are heating up.

Russia has threatened America and our allies not to interfere in their apparent takeover attempt of Ukraine, or hinder former Soviet bloc nations such as Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary from leaving NATO. Russia is putting pressure on those satellite nations to forego alliances with the west and return under the wing of mother Russia.

One nation held out on the 1997 move of Soviet states to NATO: Belarus. Sitting strategically just north of Ukraine and west of Russia, Belarus provides an avenue for Russia to extend their reach westward. Take a look at this map:

Belarus | RAND

As I write this, heavy Russian military equipment is being rushed into Belarus. (See map above for reference, and check out this video.)

Meanwhile, in other news, the US and UK are currently airlifting military equipment to Ukraine, Israeli security personnel are visiting Khartoum Sudan today, the…

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