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A Brief Look at NATO and Russia’s Push to Reform the Old Soviet Union

The Cold War might seem very long ago, but starting to relive. Though this time the tension could be bringing us in a time predicted in the Book of books, the Bible where is spoken about the King of the North, the King of the South and how people would behave at the time when the Last Days shall stand in front of humankind. From the Bible prophecies, we should learn and be prepared for the times coming.




  1. Hamas the modern Philistines
  2. Dying or not
  3. Middle East migrants lured into thinking Belarus would provide a gateway to Europe
  4. Russian bombers fly over Belarus as border crisis deepens
  5. British troops deployed to Polish border as tensions with Russia rise
  6. Germany blocks Nord Stream 2 pipe from Russia
  7. President Joe Biden speaking to Russian President Vladimir Putin to expect a clarification about the troop build up at the Ukraine border
  8. Tensions increase along Ukrainian frontlines amid Russia conflict
  9. Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Russian troop movements
  10. If Russia chooses to fail to de-escalate
  11. Putin and Xi form a new axis against Nato
  12. Putin, Erdogan Pledge To Boost Russia-Turkey Ties
  13. 2022 Political hotchpotch
  14. Key element to the Ukrainian-Russian conflict
  15. Russian government planning a “false-flag” operation


Additional reading

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  8. Risk of accidental war with Russia highest in decades, general warns
  9. A lot of talk about a war beginning soon
  10. Powerful Russia rising from the ashes
  11. Britain in talks to sell missiles in first arms deal with Ukraine
  12. American hypersonic missile plan for Europe has echoes of Cold War
  13. US says it ‘won’t tolerate’ Russia’s ‘reckless and dangerous’ anti-satellite missile test
  14. Russia has ‘no trust’ in Nato over Ukraine
  15. Russia sends in tanks to quell Kazakhstan protests
  16. Putin is sabre-rattling at the West’s moment of maximum weakness
  17. Britain warns Russia over Ukraine
  18. Putin plays dangerous poker game
  19. PM warns Vladimir Putin against ‘tragic mistake’ as tensions rise with Ukraine
  20. Prepare for Russian invasion of Ukraine, US warns European allies
  21. Nuclear-War Risk Minimized in Rare Statement by Weapon States
  22. Moscow lists demands for defusing Ukraine tensions
  23. Trilateral naval drills between China, Russia and Iran started on Friday
  24. Biden predicts Russia will attack Ukraine but warns Putin of a ‘stiff price’
  25. Prophecies over coming days
  26. As you see the Day approaching
  27. Signs of the Last Days
  28. Signs of the last days when difficult times will come
  29. Towards a Third World War or not

Looking for the Blessed Hope

For those old enough to remember the cold war with Russia, many of the details have likely been forgotten. For those born after those tenuous days (or too young to know what was happening), the growing tension with the Red Bear is likely new territory. So, let’s review briefly.

WWII was followed by a growing threat of communism, and king of that hill was the Soviet Union (USSR). By 1960, the race for intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM’s) was underway as both the US and Soviets were adding to their stockpiles. ICBM’s were the “latest/greatest” at the time and could carry nuclear warheads. To make matters worse, Cuba (only ~500 miles from the US) sided with, and hosted missile sites for the Soviets, making strikes on America possible.

Tensions escalated and US operations such as the US-directed Bay of Pigs Invasion and Operation Mongoose failed miserably to end the Cuban Revolution…

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