The winter of discontent – Crisis? What Crisis? Which Crisis?

Those of us who are privileged to view world events with Bibles in hand, are blessed with a peace of mind not readily available to others.
In 1979 the UK faced many problems arising from industrial disputes, and the history books refer to that period as the ‘winter of discontent’. Seemingly in denial of the many problems he faced, James Callaghan, the then Prime Minister, saw his attitude summarised by one newspaper headline, ‘Crisis? What Crisis?’ Although he never said those precise words, the idea of his being out of touch with the electorate lead to his defeat later that year and the election of Mrs Margaret Thatcher.

Today, it is not so much ‘Crisis? What Crisis?’, but more like ‘Crisis? Which Crisis?’ – it seems there are so many. The impact of coronavirus has destabilised many of the world’s economic functions and the effects are significant and growing. Supply chains are so finely tuned that any interruption has major implications. There is a real danger now that prices will rise and shortages occur, even of some basic items. Panic buying does not help. Many of us in the developed world are unused to this sort of thing. Perhaps God is demonstrating that our sophisticated world is not as certain as we might like to think. And this may just be the start, with more to come.

Last year, the British could see that tensions had been simmering for months at adviser level, and the long-standing rows ultimately ended in No 10’s attempt to seize political control over the direction of the Treasury.

Though, all those crises Britain came to see are not new. The 1970s – developed so many defects and brought forwards a gulf between political classes, who seem to believe the position satisfactory or inevitable, and the general public, increasingly disaffected by politics and government. Even when they got now a prime minister who had previously entered their country, by a big lie, into the Brexit crisis and into a corona crisis, a change of prime minister or party would not remove current defects.

Today the American-born British journalist and Conservative Party politician who became prime minister of the United Kingdom in July 2019, his premiership has sunk to its deepest crisis yet, most analysts agree, after reports emerged that parties were held at his official residence, in other government buildings, and at the Conservative Party’s headquarters at the end of 2020, all while the rest of the country was living under severe Covid-19 restrictions. Johnson, who came up with absurdly lame excuses, and other top Conservatives have incredibly denied any rules were broken, proving they are standing far away from the reality and from integrity

It is very strange that this man, full of lies, still can sit on the throne of the prime minister, though some anger seems also to come from his own party members. Other politicians agreed that Downing Street was an island where they

“had to work and lockdown wasn’t happening in the same way it was for the rest of the country.”

Johnson has been an outlier among leaders in Western Europe by refusing to introduce mask mandates and like Donald Trump he also first minimised the “Chinese illness” and found it not necessary that people would run to be vaccinated. Only after he got himself Covid, his attitude changed.

With the difficulties of the Corona crisis and the political crisis, Great Britain is also confronted by an energy crisis and mounting consumer prices, making it very difficult for several citizens. At the same time, we may not underestimate that other crisis that brings a huge shadow over our globe: namely the ecological crisis with global warming.

In recent weeks, tension has also been building in the east of Europe, with many anxiously awaiting the crisis unfolding there around the borders of Ukraine.

If hardships are to be faced it must not be a time for complaint or disappointment, but for renewed hope as we look to the return of our King. God is in control. He knows what He is doing. Once the Lord Jesus reigns, all these problems will be addressed – and we are privileged to understand this.

In the meantime, let us do what we can to tell others of God’s wonderful truth, and ease burdens where it is possible to do so.



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