What is happening in America to religion and to the language of faith

Writing about relationships, masculinity, philosophy and other analytical vagaries, Jaret Redfearn wonders why Americans are abandoning organised religion.

For decades the United States American Government has been removing religious affiliations and cooperations from other public services, like schools. The founding fathers of the American nation were very religious and went to great lengths to protect religious freedoms. We may not forget many had gone away from the European continent because religious leaders and governments tried so much to keep the population under their tumbs. Many church organisations also tried to create fear by their members by telling about places like purgatory and hell and by penalties that would come over them when they did not do this or that or did not keep to their rules.

Those people coming to the New World created laws and legal mechanisms to prevent the government from deteriorating or even destroying religious freedoms. They did not want to repeat what happened in their previous countries, churches who were in charge of everything and actually helped determine politics. From the early conquests of the new territory in the Wild West, the pioneers tried to uphold the oral tradition of passing on faith. Whilst in the Old World women had no particular role in the development of faith in the community, women in the States got a bigger role to play. From the 18th century onwards, women started to take on a more important role by the spreading of the Good News. Much more attention was given to the message of the Book of books, the Bible.

Redfearn writes

At some point in the last one-hundred and fifty years, those efforts were twisted. A revisionist history of sorts would have us believe we need religion free from all public life. This became the new hallmark of American experience. All spiritual practice, including the instruction of Godly virtues, were scrubbed from public schools and life. {What is happening to religion in America?}

Accomplished author and frequent contributor to the New York Times, David Brooks wrote about this dynamic and how it affects our ability to learn in the west.

“Hellenic culture emphasized skeptical scientific inquiry. With us, religion and science have often been at odds. We’re a diverse society, so it’s easier to teach our common academic standards in the classroom and relegate our diverse moralities to the privacy of the home.”

Redfearn notes

“that cultures that do fuse the academic and the moral, like Confucianism or Jewish Torah study, produce these awesome motivation explosions.” {What is happening to religion in America?}

But he doesn’t know why faith in God is becoming taboo in the west, though he believes

the loss of all the good that religious community and practice brought us over the last two-hundred and fifty years is not a benefit to our citizens or society. {What is happening to religion in America?}

With the decline of Evangelical denominations in America (Every mainline denomination has been in decline for decades), we must consider the global implications of these cultural and theological shifts.

The most important question that we must ask relates to the Great Commission.

Full-time follower of Jesus, writer, book publisher, inquisitor, and sceptic Terry Austin finds that

If you only relate to those who speak the same language, you will find yourself isolated from much of the world. Do it long enough, and you essentially become useless to the world since the only thing you know is the same things your friends already know. That’s why it’s dangerous to get all your news and information from one source and surround yourself with only people who see the world the same way you do. When that occurs, you don’t actually have a relationship; all you have is a common language. {My Church Started Speaking Another Language}

We would agree that people have to look at different news sources, but also should dare to look at what others say about faith and religion. At the same time, people should keep up communication with each other and take care of their relationship.

This is what has happened with the American version of the Christian faith. It’s no longer built on a relationship. The thing that holds it together is the common language. Christians teach the language to their children from the beginning. They tell Bible stories, which are important, but the goal is to lead them to a point where they know the language — primarily the language of a prayer that promises salvation. {My Church Started Speaking Another Language}

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

We can see that in the United States of America that there are lots of Christians who do not want to think further than the literal words of the Bible. They also do not make the effort to relate verses from one chapter to verses and stories from another chapter. Often they do not take the Bible in its entity but distort the verses and keep repeating verses in their way of thinking. Many of them also think that they are born again and that they are saved forever, not having to do anything anymore except to agree in their prayers that they are a sinner.

The prayer goes like this:

“God, I’m a sinner. Please forgive my sins. I accept Jesus as my personal savior. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

It’s often called the Sinner’s Prayer. It doesn’t have to be these precise words, but it’s important to understand the language. Learning this prayer is like learning the alphabet of the church. If you ask most American Christians when they were saved, they will tell you about when they recited this prayer. It was the time when they first learned the language. For many, it happens at a young age. I’ve heard of three- and four-year-olds reciting the words. For others (a much smaller number), it happens when they’re older and someone comes along to teach them the language. {My Church Started Speaking Another Language}

For most of American history, American evangelicals described Christians who emphasised an experience of salvation (born again) and a personal relationship with God through Jesus, though for the majority of them Jesus is God. Today, a personal relationship with God and/or Jesus is not necessary anymore as long as people know the language of their church.

The primary example is the way the church has embraced Donald Trump. The man has never prayed the “Sinner’s Prayer” because, in his own words, he doesn’t think he’s ever sinned. If he did, he would stop and simply do better. He doesn’t know anything about the Bible, evidenced by his answers to questions about his favorite verse and mispronouncing biblical terms. He has no history of church attendance or Bible reading. Yet, he knows the language of faith, at least the faith of evangelicalism.

More evangelicals support him than any other President in history. Christian leaders clamor for the opportunity to praise him in public. They defend any and every hateful and off-color remark. They excuse his deplorable past and disgusting descriptions of his own actions. All of this is not because he is a Christian but because he has learned the language of the faith. They don’t care if he’s a believer as long as he speaks their language. {My Church Started Speaking Another Language}

The time of the KKK may look already long gone, but in the last few years we saw the idea of white supremacy coming up again. From the white evangelicals, the superiority of their race was on the tip of their tongue and suited their idea of being the nation chosen by God to govern the world. And Trump was their ideal leader, always telling the truth, whilst others brought fake news to undermine the Christian faith.

Terry Austin writes

It is now possible to be filled with hate, hold to racist beliefs about people of color, treat immigrants like trash or wild animals, turn your back on the poor who can’t earn their own living, and feel no remorse for those who die because they couldn’t afford available medicine and still be considered a Christian. Why? Because the Christian faith is no longer about a relationship. It’s only about knowing the language of faith.

Essentially, if you know the language, there’s no need for Jesus. He just gets in the way.

Learning the language of faith is not hard. In fact, we might even say that Trump is a genius at that point. He not only learned the language; he has coined a bunch of new terms and phrases that are now included in the American Christian dictionary. The slogans of the evangelical church are:

· Build the wall

· Let’s go Brandon

· Send them back

· Make American great again

The basic tenants of the evangelical church are:

· Every abortion is murder

· Immigrants are dangerous

· Gun ownership is essential

· Economy trumps environment

· Democrats are wrong — Republicans are right

· Poor people are lazy

It is no longer necessary to follow Jesus, love your neighbor, care for the poor and needy, be a careful steward of the world, preach the Gospel or any other basics of the faith taught by the church for generations. The only thing necessary today is to learn the language of faith.

{My Church Started Speaking Another Language}

According to

A major issue afflicting the Church is the “clergy-laity mentality.” It is a pervasive mindset where the paid clergy leads the church and they are called “pastors.” They do most of the ministry work and laypeople serve the ministry of that pastor. {What’s wrong with church}

For many Americans, it is very easy to have all the work done by those in charge of a church. It has come like in the first half of the 20th century Europe where church members came to the church service and attended it passively. Many think when they go to a mega church (“which must be a good church, otherwise it would not be so big”) and give some money to it they have done their duty.

Unfortunately, the institutional church came up with the model of training one man, then one man or woman and now transgender as well to be the pastor/leader of the church. This model is not Biblical and is in fact the apostate church Jesus (Matthew 24:12) and Paul (2 Thessalonians 2:1-4 ) spoke of as one of the “end times” signs. It has no understanding of the fivefold gifts working together to see each and every believer functioning and bringing the Kingdom into their workplace, in the marketplace, into their school, then a greater expression of Jesus is manifested in society. {What’s wrong with church}

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