Apartheid South Africa and Israel’s Treatment of the Palestinians – Modern Parallels

Too often, Christians living in Europe or the United States, forget that there are non-believers in Israel who call the shots and do things that are not justified according to the Torah. These non-religious leaders of the land also allow land to be taken unrightfully from others and build separation walls while subjecting others than their own people to strict ‘border’ controls.

Contemporary Jews seem to do similar things of what people had done to them in the past, creating division, exclusion and hatred to others whilst creating ghettos or separate by military force controlled living quarters.




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BPP Human Rights Law Blog

Hamza Fareed Malikdiscusses the discriminatory treatment of Palestinians by Israeli authorities and considers comparisons drawn between apartheid in South Africa and contemporary Israel.

The 1973 International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid (“Apartheid Convention”) and the 1998 Rome Statute to the International Criminal Court (ICC) define Apartheid (from Afrikaans, literally: Apartness)[1]as a crime against humanity consisting of three primary elements:

  1. An intent to maintain domination by one racial group over another.
  2. A context of systematic oppression by the dominant group over the marginalized group.
  3. Inhumane acts.

From 1948 to 1993, South Africa was an apartheid state. Sanctioned by law, institutional racial segregation and political, economic, and social discrimination permeated through South African society, favouring white South Africans and persecuting the non-white population. Despite strong opposition both within and outside the country, segregationist legislation persisted for almost 50 years.

Although borne of the…

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