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Media Literacy in the digital landscape is the way in which we as a society understands media and the encoded messages behind it. Fake news, cancel culture, and outrage culture have all contributed to the way in which we understand the news and people around us. It’s crazy how people could spread misinformation, which leads to serious consequences, especially when it directly affects a person’s life. An example of this is when Doctor Andrew Wakefield claimed vaccines lead to Autism and even wrote an article in the British Medical Journal with his “reseach” and findings. This caused millions of parents to become anti-vax and refrain from giving their children the vaccines they needed. Wakefield’s work has all been discredited and his medial license has been stripped, but the damage has already been done because vaccination rates rapidly decreased and Wakefield still has supporters who want to prove his “innocence”.

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A joint effort of several authors who do find that nobody can keep standing at the side and that “Everyone" must care about what is going on in today’s world. We are a bunch of people who do not mind that somebody has a totally different idea but is willing to share the ideas with others and to be Active and willing to let others understand how "today’s decisions will influence the future”. Therefore we would love to see many others to "Act today".

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