An other trait for faith in Jesus and his God

In a previous posting we had it about people who say that religion is the cause of all the problems in the world. Others see an other trait in the behaviour of certain people who represent such religious groups, be it Christians, Muslims or others who use the name of their god to extend their power.

What also makes certain people’s eyes light up is the money-making of certain churches, such as the Papist Church and American evangelical mega-churches.
I do not say that people should not be able to make money, but as preachers we do have to offer the word of God without asking money for it. (Though I do agree this does not make it always easy to keep our church work going, because we are bound to the worldly matters of money, like paying rent, electricity, gas, internet and necessary material.)

Nothing is against people giving free gifts, but in many churches, we can see those church leaders putting pressure on their flock to contribute more to their church.
There are figures like the American media mogul, televangelist, political commentator, former Republican presidential candidate, and former Southern Baptist minister, Pat Robertson, and the other American pastor, televangelist, Joel Osteen, who manage to lure people in their stories and succeed in extracting a lot of money from innocent citizens who are drawn into a religious story of preachers who are very handy in their show work and playing words.

At the beginning they may attract lots of people, but soon after people come to know how those preachers play with money and enrich themselves instead of using the money for the poor and for missionary work, they leave those groups and abandon their ‘Christian faith’. that way much damage is done to the Christian Faith.

As a result of Pat Robertson seeking political office, he officially stopped working for ‘the church’, but continued as the main host for his series, ‘The 700 Club’ until October 2021, advocating for religion to this day. His personal influence on media and financial resources goes far and makes it that several influential people want to be seen around him. He is at the same time a controversial public voice for conservative Christianity or even better Christian right in the United States and around the world. Joel Osteen may also be seen as from the right-wing and adhering the Republican Party and Donald Trump. Living with his family in a 17,000 square-foot mansion in River Oaks, with an estimated value of $10.5 million, Osteen says that as senior pastor, he draws no salary from the church, which has an annual budget of $70 million, and that he instead relies on income from book sales. Like other succesful American preachers Osteen loves promoting the capitalist system, telling people it is right to try to make as much money as possible. Those right wing preachers promoting prosperity theology, or the prosperity gospel, undermine the teachings of Jesus Christ, which concern more modesty and sharing with others. For Osteen when not rich its because their own fault. For him there is the belief that the reward of material gain is the will of God for all pious Christians. Creating such greedy people who only think of their own wealth and making them to believe that all those poor people in other countries are in such awful situation, because they have done wrong in their life, is also making of God a ruthless vengeful god who rewards people with an excess of matter instead of teaching them to have satisfaction in the ordinary things of life. It becomes more to look at the fact that citizens have become the new church owners and that people now, like the Papists, want to enrich themselves at the expense of others.

This century the world has come totally in darkness, where people only see Mammon’s tower of light. Prof. Johan Malan rightly writes:

The kingdom of darkness infiltrated the Christian church with a view to adulterating it by proclaiming a counterfeit Jesus, a counterfeit spirit and a counterfeit gospel. {Religious Deception}

An other deception and traith for the faith, is that several of those right-wing preachers do as if they want to support Israel because of their love for the Jews (they accuse of having murdered Jesus) and work in Israel to bring Jews to their Christendom, bringing them away from the God of Israel, Who is The Only One Unique God of gods. In their own state they want people to believe that the Jews unrighteously own and control the world.

The age-old myth has returned that the Rothschild family runs all but 7 countries in the world; that they own the US Federal Reserve, that they started the War of 1812 to begin consolidation of assets and power. Then there’s the ones about the illuminati and new world order. Blaming the Rothschilds is exactly the kind of trick the Koch brothers want you to believe. {We Are Threatened From Within By Nuts}

And it are such thoughts and other ridiculous sayings of Donald Trump and his friends that should worry us more, because they are not done with us yet. The man who took the Bible in his hand to curse lovers of the real God and to bring fear over those who would not want to believe in him and would not follow him, who would be the chosen of God. (?!?)

For decades pastors like Robertson did not mind telling their flock all sorts of lies over people and was not afraid to distort the concept of ethics when it suited him, like calling pornographic photographs of Melania Trump “art”.  Even calling for murdering others (a.o. the assassination of foreign leaders) could be found on his tongue. He also said on several occasions, so that people would not forget it:

“To be against Trump is to be against God,”

and that Trump was ordained by God.

Such saying by him and other right-wing evangelists brought a lot of division in the American flock. Also the hate speech against coloured people that grew in those churches, made it more visible how such churches were using their power to exclude certain people from certain privileges.

Before the eyes of many American citizens went open, it was already too late. The white, right-wing voters clung to Trump, as was he their god, especially in the Christian community. Those preachers had also prophesied that Trump would win the 2020 election, and when he did not, it was, according to them, because of the great American fraud, the falsification of election results.

When so many pastors preached that the end times were near and that Donald Trump would bring them in a victory over evil, lots of people their eyelids were taken up high so that they could see the truth again, after the incident when Donald Trump had encouraged the people to attack the ‘election riggers’ and to capture the capital so that the only legitimate president could take his place again.

Other Christian leaders screamed that all Trump and his supporters were doing was all wrong, but it was too late. The Trump cult was a reality and the storming of the Capitol became an undeniable fact, where all the world could witness democracy being undermined. It became a stress test for democracy but also for religious thinking and religious attitude or Christian behaviour.

Many churches today teach something totally different than Jesus taught. They also preach in many cases another Jesus, than the one God sent to this earth. In the United States of America we even find preachers who call themselves “apostles”. But we should know that already soon after Jesus death the apostle Paul warned for such false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. (2 Cor. 11:2-4,13-14)

When outsiders see all those abuses in Christianity, they have good reason to question that ‘belief’ or that religion.



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